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  • 3D Printed 10/22 .22 LR Bolt Project

    This is cool.  I like how we’re at the point where it’s viable to print internal components, not just the frames: Shooting it: 1:18 – The bolt by itself weighs about 79 grams (which includes the 45 gram tungsten weight).   The original 10/22 bolt weighs 180 grams.  He goes on to say later on that…

  • This .22 LR Zip Gun Build Is Pure Homebrew Chaos

    haha if it works, it works though I suppose *shrug*: I’d recommend watching it on 2X speed.  How this video is able to get 580,000+ views, when some of my gun bros on YouTube get their videos pulled for literally no reason is something I’ll never understand.

  • Practical Ballistics For The .22LR

    Interesting: It’s crazy how much better CCI Stinger is than the cheaper options.  As a person who basically only shot Remington 22 Thunderbolt and Winchester 555 white box, I splurged on some CCI Stingers one day and it was a completely different experience. Thoughts?

  • Beltfed .22LR Runs Like A Damn Top

    Holy.  If you would have told me he could shoot back to back 200 round belts of .22LR with ZERO issues in that contraption, I would have bet money it would be impossible: Wow… the brand is Lakeside Machine.  It says on the (terrible) website that they “sold out”, but in the video Dustin says…

  • Making A Mad Max Looking Rifle Barrel From Rebar

    This is cool: 1M views on the vid!  Crazy he was able to pull it off.  Here are a couple more videos where he makes a wood foregrip and an ejector… and then in the 3rd video shoots the thing: Thoughts? I really like when someone does something different like this.

  • LifeCard .22 LR Pistol

    22plinkster takes a look: Innnnnnnnnnnteresting.  As I say, .22 LR is a gateway drug heh heheh. Not something I’m going to rush out to buy, but the concept / execution is cool. It’s $400 if any of you guys care. Thoughts?