Hunter Cayll Operates Without Hands

Better than I operate with hands:

Seriously awesome.  I can’t believe how some people overcome adversity, very impressive.

Nubs-No-Hand-ShooterReminds me of the video where the guy shoots with his feet, and another video where a young girl shoots with her feet.

Hunter has a facebook page with more vids of him operating.   Looks like he also has a sense of humor about it and calls himself “nubs”.  I always feel uncomfortable latching onto the disability related monikers, even if the person in question embraces it.  Kind of like when the Burger King Kids Club had “Wheels” (A kid in a wheel chair in it).  

Hat tip: FirearmBlog


12 responses to “Hunter Cayll Operates Without Hands”

    1. You just went full Yeager.

      1. New to the Interweb?

        1. Oh, i’ve had AOL for years!

  1. Wow! Impressive. He handles that rifle better than 90% of YouTube Gun personalities.

    1. TheBear Avatar


      Would operate with.

      Plus, it almost looks like he has tentacles which is fucking cool.

  2. jim bob Avatar

    wasn’t “Wheels” played by The Drake, before he was The Drake.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Yea! Drake was “Wheelchair Jimmy” –

    2. everybody loves The Drake

  3. The reality show Sons of Guns had a guy named “Short Eyes” for some reason.

    1. Is that the same one they call “Ped” or something like that?

  4. His shooting was good but more than that his attitude at life was off the charts. Winning!