Yoga Mat To Gun Cleaning Mat DIY


Full instructions over at ITS Tactical.  I’m not sure how solvent resistant these things are.  My guess is not very, considering they are meant to repel girl sweat, and the sweat of guys who go to yoga to look at girls.

Spoiler Alert:
Step 1: Tell your girlfriend her yoga mat is now your gun cleaning mat.




4 responses to “Yoga Mat To Gun Cleaning Mat DIY”

  1. Big Blue Avatar

    Pilates mat is not a bad range prone mat. They’re pretty cheap, about the right size, and roll up nicely. More padding than the yoga mats. Plus they act as a safety device at the range. Let’s face it.. most guys get weird about funky colours and will not approach your weapon.

    As far as solvent resistance, depending on which mat you get they’re either made out of TPE, Rubber or PVC. Rubber is probably the worst, PVC probably the best.TPE somewhere in the middle.

  2. derpmaster Avatar

    Why not just use newspaper like a normal person?

    1. Who buys newspapers these days ?

  3. I use yoga mats for replacement knee pads for my combat pants, padding for the bottom of my range bags and to keep tools from sliding like my knife sharpening stones.