CO2 Cartridge Shotgun Loads

Royal Nonesuch and his pipe barreled shotgun:

Cool enough video… the CO2’s seemed like a decent projectile, and by decent I mean I wouldn’t want to be shot with one.

Royal-Nonesuch-YouTubeNothing much else to say about that besides the fact that gun of his is pretty cool, and functional.  Goes to show that firearms will ALWAYS exist.



7 responses to “CO2 Cartridge Shotgun Loads”

  1. derpmaster Avatar

    Operating in a Hawaiian shirt like a true tier -1 operator.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Word. So tier -1.

  2. Pretty cool for sure. If this kid and I had grown up on the same cul-da-sac I have a feeling the objects of my youthful affection would have gotten a lot more interesting than full-auto modified BB ‘guns.

    The Hawaiian shirt has been proven gunfight garb since Miami Vice, but my man’s stepping up the game with those shades–Mike, don’t you think those look at home resting on a Notch hat?

  3. Who the fuck shoots at rocks?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      All I shoot at is rocks and bodies of water. Haha jk ;-)

  4. I believe Magnum PI rocked the Hawaiian shirts in gun fights long before Miami vice, just saying.

    1. You are correct sir! That’s what I was alluding to, my mistake.
      It might be a few more years before my boy can accrue that badass of a mustache, though; facial hair obviously being in vogue for operators. And the gays.