Tag: CO2

  • Royal Nonesuch Still Has No Love For Ear Or Eye Safety

    Testing CO2 cartridges fired out of his ghetto pipe homebrew 12GA: Royal Nonesuch‘s shirt game is untouchable.   This time some shirt regarding grandpas and tractors, so bow down haha.  Maybe it’s a nod to grandpa style firearm safety, not wanting to bother with proper ear pro and any eye pro? I wonder if there was…

  • CO2 Cartridge Shotgun Loads

    Royal Nonesuch and his pipe barreled shotgun: Cool enough video… the CO2’s seemed like a decent projectile, and by decent I mean I wouldn’t want to be shot with one. Nothing much else to say about that besides the fact that gun of his is pretty cool, and functional.  Goes to show that firearms will…

  • Retro Crosman Christmas Ad

    Barrels of fun!  <— awesome catch phrase Killer looking optics too don’t you think?  Definitely Nightforce or U.S. Optics, and the mount must be Larue :lol: Hat Tip: Today’s Inspiration