Liberals Say I Shot A Gun And I Liked It

1st timers who are anti-gun, try shooting for the first time:

Anti-Gun-LiberalsLOL oh wow imagine that, they all actually thought it was cool / exhilarating.  Oh but wait… then the guilt set in.


Hat tip: Keith


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  1. Ninjavitis Avatar

    “I felt like a badass cocking that shotgun…” Congrats, Son. Your balls just dropped a little bit. For the very first time.

    1. FarmerJoe Avatar

      We creepy, the way he rolled his eyes back when he said that. Almost like an expert at cocking.

    2. His gaucho pants should give him plenty of room.

    3. And then they went right back into his uterus…

  2. Broken video path :/

  3. Ewww like, guns are icky. I have a friend from college who is a lefty (one of my few lefty friends thankfully). Real anti-gun and in my face about it. His sister is in Army and I think that talking to her made him curious about it. He came to my farm and shot with me. And shot and shot and shot and shot. Loved it. Immediately “I want to buy and AR… I loved that pistol… Which shotgun should I get?” Now he lives in DC and is going to try to go through the misery of getting a gun permit. He sounded just like these people when he started. There may be hope for these morons.

  4. xPressureDropx Avatar

    I wish they would’ve done an interview with the shotgun, gave it a voice and called the blonde white girl snowbunny. lol

  5. Zachary Avatar

    Can we still send them to north Korea where they really want to be?

  6. Rjackparis Avatar

    ” all fun things aren’t legal”

    Yet they’re still done right?

    1. $10 says she smokes pot illegally.

      1. boardsnbikes Avatar

        $20 says she smokes pot legally. Because California.

        1. $30 brags to all her friends she shot a gun, while they are smoking pot

          1. jim bob Avatar

            50 says she smokes pot, brags that she shot a gun and starts a shooting school where she teaches all the bad habits she learned in the sandbox.

            1. I’ll see your $50 and raise another $10, saying she’ll do that while in small and tight shorts.

  7. I used to be for more pro-gun control, especially with what is generally (media) termed as “military style rifles.” Don’t get me wrong, I grew up around guns… boyscout ranges, hunting, etc… I just never really saw the reasoning of owning rifles like that.. fudd mentality.

    Then I was introduced to a full-auto mp5 in Las Vegas, which was perspective (life) changing. LOL.

    The hardest part is getting beyond the “Why does anyone need to own that?” question. Once you’ve drank the kool-aid it’s hard to go back. If these people in the video saw my gun closet now, they would faint in absolute horror.

    Don’t immediately derp these people out… they’ve taken a good first step here towards securing their independence. My guess is everyone but Gaby will be back for seconds.

    1. Negative, Abe embraces his beta male identity way too much to go back. Allison and Hillary will go back, tomorrow.

      1. Yeah, Allison for sure. She is spot on banging sexy. Operator in 10 days or less.

        1. FarmerJoe Avatar

          Bet she’s down buying Laura Croft leather shorts and a wife beater as we speak.

  8. dogxhead Avatar

    Aah…Nothing starts off a Thursday like the smell of hipster guilt. Someone get that last girl a mop and a bucket because she just found a vibrator alternative!!

  9. That’s cool. Sometimes a little show and tell works wonders. However in many cases you just can’t fix stupid.

  10. Confusias Avatar

    I prefer to start new shooters off with a 22LR pistol and rifle. I think this lets them discover the real joy of shooting without the noise and recoil of a larger caliber. Using an outdoor range helps as well to eliminate the echos one gets at an indoor range. Watching videos of people putting a 12 gauge shotgun in the hands of a first-timer that typically ends in a cringe-worthy result has always struck me as irresponsible and will likely serve to reinforce their fears/prejudice.

  11. Logezbro Avatar

    I was wondering why liberals meant hipsters when the video started, but being from LA, once I saw the LA Gun Club it all made sense.

  12. Allison started as the most bangable; ended as most bangable.

    1. Hell yeah, she is!

      And I bet the more she goes shooting the closer she gets to supporting the 2nd. It’s practically a guarantee.

    2. Agreed. Subtract the hipster bangs and we have a winner for hottest 870 operator of the year.

  13. muzzle discipline? WHATS THAT MEAN? CAN I JUST POINT THIS SHOTGUN EVERYWHERE?! OK!!! California gun range… never been, now never want to

    1. It was their first time. We’ve all made mistakes.

    2. And the instructor was there to correct her. Everyone has to learn sometime.

  14. Starvinpilgrim Avatar

    A lot of times I fire once then want to nap also.

    1. A sammich is nice, too.

  15. hydepark Avatar

    What in gods name happened to this blog’s format???

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      If there’s a problem on your device send me a screenshot and I’ll see if I can fix it.

      1. Yeah, it’s all messed up now. Everything has gone “wide” into a tablet format.

        1. At least advertisements for AlienGear Holsters are gone.

  16. One small step at a time…

  17. Glock27 Avatar

    My college English Professor was so anti gun, he would always talk about it when ever he could. So me being a CCW holder, and all around gun lover, complete with my laptop cover displaying gun and outdoor stickers covering it kinda pissed him off, a lot. But one day after his latest rant, I challenged him to go to the range with me in front of the class. At first he just declined, but I kept doing it every time he would start on his next rant, so he finally went. I kept it simple buy starting with a Remington 597 and a Glock 17. He never said he liked it but his daily rants sure did decline after that.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      That’s awesome! Guaranteed he was delightly squealing like a little girl inside haha

      I really think that is the best thing.. just like you did and the video did, to take these people and show them we aren’t shooting babies and puppies at the range and that’s not why we own guns.

    2. Thats hilarious. My A&P2 professor was pro gun and even spent some time during class talking about how all females should own a glock 26.

  18. HASHTAG_BUTT Avatar

    Well when you pick a bunch of hipsters to test what do you think they’ll say they will be hipsters about it ya i like but its not cool