Shotgun ALS Ice Water Challenge

Vigilant Spectre gets it done:

haha the Shotgun was a nice touch.  Getting a pail in the head wouldn’t be ideal.

You can tell Spectre watched this video for tips on poppin his shirt off:

Vigilant-Spectre-Tactical-AsThoughts?  I don’t even lift, and BroScienceLife is still priceless.


8 responses to “Shotgun ALS Ice Water Challenge”

  1. Zachary Avatar

    I think the only reason why you keep showing vso is because they wear your shirts.

    Its not like thdy do anything interesting or good…

    1. Thousands disagree…

      That is all

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      If you know my history with Spectre his channel has come a long way. There is plenty of his stuff I don’t post. Sure he wears my shirts, but I would have Posted this one regardless.

      1. Uh yeAh, I watch the old vids sometimes just to marvel at my level of douchebaggery. Although when I go to various trade conventions the looks I get at the various Glock booths is definitely worth keeping them up. Now if only I can secure the honor of being punched in the face by R Lee Ermy I can die a happy man

  2. People go to the beach for two reasons; to get seen taking off their ENDO shirt, and to judge other people not in ENDO shirts.

    1. Hey, how do you think I got the VSO mudgirl to start hanging out with me?… ENDO Shirts duh

  3. michigunner Avatar

    This is why we can’t have nice things.

  4. It’s a new take on the Ice Bucket Challenge, I’ll give’em that. It’s also nice that this is generating so much money for charity.

    I still think it’s a pansy adaptation of the initial version though, where people in northern norway (above the arctic circle) were challenging eachother to jump in the sea (or icy lakes) this april, benefitting cancer research. It’s warm in april you say? Pfft. They still had snow on the ground in late may.
    This is a bit safer, the health services and police were warning people about the dangers of jumping into icy water. A quick bucket of ice water doesn’t have the same cramp- and hypothermia-inducing qualities.
    I also guess it’s hard to find a cold lake in the middle of summer.