Drug Dealing Magician Should Try Guns Next

Magic boy Calen Morelli tries to sell drugs to a cop:

Rick-RossYea it’s probably fake, but still funny.  He should so something with gang members and making their concealed guns disappear and appear in a backpack he’s wears… that would be epic.

I lovvvvvve good magic.



6 responses to “Drug Dealing Magician Should Try Guns Next”

  1. Yeah, the very end where he whips the bag out, without checking if the deputy is still there, just screams fake. I can’t wait to see how many amateur d-bag magicians will try this and get arrested.

    1. Quint Young Avatar
      Quint Young

      Notice how he wads the original bag up yet produces a rolled up bag.

  2. Needs more TASER…. :D

  3. I was waiting for him to bust out “Maybe you should check your back pocket, Officer Pot Head!!”

  4. Yep every magic trick depends on the mark not frisking the magician.

    Still cool video.

  5. HASHTAG_BUTT Avatar

    Why wouldnt he whip it out if the cop says something he makes it disapear again and fucks with the cop again lol the cop did frisk him but didnt find anything the roll is part of the trick cant we just beleive in magic