The People Who Are Reporting The News


This Huffington Post “justice reporter ” actually thinks the ear pro pictured might be rubber bullets.  This is why everything gun related gets blown out of proportion by these idiots.  When you don’t have any idea what you’re actually up against and you just work off emotion these are the type of things that happen.

Oh but then when he tweeted that, a ton of people made fun of him so he then tweeted “I retract that suggestion, they are earplugs.  Apologies.”  No big deal bro. Ear plugs… rubber bullets…. assault weapons… sporting rifles… high capacity assault clips…. standard capacity magazines…. it’s all the same right? *smh*

Hat tip: SayUncle


10 responses to “The People Who Are Reporting The News”

  1. Zachary Avatar

    Fucking lol, what an idiot

  2. When you are convinced that X exists and you go looking to find evidence to support that X exists, you will find it as you simply looking for evidence to support your already drawn conclusions.

  3. UsArmyMp Avatar

    And this is the same media that delivers news that people believe is actual and factual. Were fooked.

  4. Britfag Avatar

    >Huffington post
    >implying common sense

  5. Quint Young Avatar
    Quint Young

    In his defense, earplugs CAN be used as rubber bullets. I have on a few occasions put disposable earplugs in .45acp or .410 casings instead of lead and fired them (they are the perfect size) and can easily make it across the yard.

    I’d like to state, this was done just for fun and target practice, not to shoot at any people or animals.

  6. “Fergurson”

    1. The guy is wrong all the way…

  7. Nathanael S. Avatar
    Nathanael S.

    Just, wow. Like he’s never seen earplugs before? That means he’s never been to any car races, heavy metal concerts, shooting ranges, or machine shops. Is this guy actually a man?

    1. Quint Young Avatar
      Quint Young

      He could just be an idiot who never knew that his hearing was a commodity that he could be without.