Airsoft VS Real Life

Richard Ryan complies some of his footage that didn’t make the cut initially:

Richard-Ryan-Deagle-ShirtLOL when that airsoft bb hits the real Barrett at 0:29.  Seeing the flourescent POS plastic muzzle brake turn to crumbs and the barrel noodle at 1:41 was pretty funny too.

I didn’t realize that so much of the higher end airsoft guns were metal until recently.  My cousin has a AR-15 copy which is pretty damn close looking to the real thing.



7 responses to “Airsoft VS Real Life”

  1. It’s not uncommon for “serious” airsoft players to spend upwards of £1500 (yes, that’s Pounds Sterling) on an airsoft gun…

    1. BlackyMcBlack Avatar

      Idiot’s really.

      Airsoft is fun as a hobby/sport.. especially for countries which have ridiculous rules against possession of firearms.
      But spending that much on a toy? Might as well move to Texas and shoot some real ones.

      1. You can’t really go shoot at your buddies with the real ones though….
        Someone could spend $500 on a RC car as well and you could say why not buy a real car for that price (granted it would be a beater)…. the real deal isn’t accomplishing the same thing.

      2. whitecastle Avatar

        Airsoft is useful for force-on-force training.

        Also, your misuse of the apostrophe on your word of choice is irony gold.

      3. Have you seen how much money motherfuckers spend on golf clubs?

        Let’s not go into the amount of dudes that just shoot their gun at the range… C’mon, their guns are jusy toys for their hobby too… They ain’t operadin’…

  2. Ain’t nobody got time to use an airsoft Barrett .50 for training.

  3. Grindstone Avatar

    Knock airsoft all you want, but it’s a great gateway drug for kids to get interested in real firearms.