Advanced Shoulder Pocket – Magnets To Position Your Rifle Stock

Tired of body armor getting in the way of properly shouldering your weapon?

The ASP (Advanced Shoulder Pocket) uses rare earth magnets in the rifle stock pad and the body armor pocket to allow the shooter to maintain a stable, repeatable and precise firing position with minimal effort.

Huh!  Interesting.  When I started the video, I was bracing for derp but this actually seems like a good idea if you’re wearing body armor.  I love the simplicity of it too!  I’m sure a lot of guys will be making up their own homebrew version of this for whatever rifle stock they are running.  I see on the facebook page the company agreed that most people don’t use that standard stock anymore outside of being issued it so I’m sure they are developing a universal pad, or at least a pad for all Magpul stocks.


As usual (unfortunately) the company website is currently terrible, and you can’t buy the product yet even if you want it.  That seems to be pretty standard with new products like this.  I’m not really sure why, but maybe people don’t want to invest too much time or money into their idea until they have reason to believe it will pay off.  I suppose that’s a strategy, but it’s frustrating for people when they just want to buy something. That url though… mmmm

One more criticism I’ll throw out there is that this product, a pocket and a stock pad with magnets is hardly “advanced”.  I know everyone likes to looks smart, but I think a better name for this product would be something using the words, “simple” or “magnet”… Simple Magnetic Shoulder Pocket?  Yea that’s a work in progress, but I think it still sounds better.

What do you guys think about this? Would operate with? Would operate with if the price point is right?

Hat tip: Jay


15 responses to “Advanced Shoulder Pocket – Magnets To Position Your Rifle Stock”

  1. Hard_Harry Avatar

    Good grief…..

  2. I rolled my eyes then I thought maybe not a bad idea. How much weight would it add? That would be my primary issue. Not as good as actually practicing with body armor.

  3. Logezbro Avatar

    Looks rad to me, but then again I’ve never fired with body armor on so who the hell am I to say?

  4. A minor issue is that it adds weight. More importantly, it looks like it’s an attempt to fix something that’s not broken…like a piston gas system for AR15s. Those troops who are cheeking their guns are likely doing so because they’re fatigued from carrying heavy kit all day and are exhausted and it doesn’t matter much to them because when it comes time to get precision (instead of suppression), they can shoulder their guns just fine. Shooting an AR pistol will teach you this real quick.

  5. Billy Bob Avatar
    Billy Bob

    Have to disagree JPCMT, as one of those troops, we struggle with our body armor when engaging targets. I typically pull my body armor over to allow me to seat the buttstock in my shoulder via the arm hole, but I’ve always got the pressure of the body armor working against the rifle. I’d certainly be interested in trying this product. I suspect the weight would be marginal, with the caveat that ounces make pounds, and pounds hurt, but if this helps maintain the stability of my shooting platform I’d be open to it.

  6. Drapetomanius Avatar

    I never had serious issue getting a good shoulder weld in armor. I had a hell of a time when my PASGT helmet pushed my glasses down in the prone, though.

    My M4 was often attached to my armor via carabiner so that it could just dangle when I needed my hands. That limited its travel and made shouldering very consistent, but was murder on my back after several hours. The magnet may or may not be useful. Everyone’s needs are different.

  7. I always see weight concerns come up when new doo-dads are introduced. It certainly has some validation when you add it all up in the field, but the majority of people I’ve known in person to bring this up, 90% of them could lose 20+ lb off their, “natural” load out first. I’m talking about fat asses.

  8. In those pictures, the nice folks who are ‘cheeking’ their rifles are doing it to look through their ACOGs, not to shoot…

  9. SittingDown Avatar

    “maintain a stable, repeatable and precise firing position with minimal effort”

    AKA training.

  10. Aren’t they going to have some problem with the ASP baton people?

  11. Regulus Avatar

    Yawn just new cool-aid

  12. Clown shoes, not cool aid.

  13. i thought it was pretty silly at first, by the end of the video i was saying “hmmm”. for people who always wear plate carriers shouldering a rifle isnt that difficult, but when wearing an MTV, IMTV, IOTV…that shit fucking sucks.

    i would be more concerned with any effect it has on a compass. a magnet that is strong enough to hold up a rifle would definitely cause problems with that.

    1. SittingDown Avatar

      And it’ll erase 8 tracks. Dammit.

  14. Bret Gould Avatar

    This is absolutely a necessary piece of equipment, I developed a similar device in the field and it works. As an Infantry Officer with 28 years of service I have directly trained thousands of Soldiers in marksmanship exercises and CQB. With the advent of bulkier and bulkier body armor Soldiers have reverted to bizarre techniques in an attempt to get a stable position and functional sight picture with their weapons. They lay the butt over their shoulder, center it on their chest or worst of all just give up on supporting the butt stock altogether. While in Afghanistan we used magnets, hot glue and duct tape to rig up this exact device. It reduced shot groups size by 70% when shooting while moving.