Cabela’s Exclusive Deagle Brand 1911

Just in case you forget what type of gun you own, it kindly reminds you:



It’s just too bad there wasn’t more room on the slide for a larger font.  It would have been classier if those slide serrations weren’t in the way, and they could have engraved “MAGNUM RESEARCH” about 1 inch high on there too.

Jokes aside I’m sure it’s a perfectly great 1911.  You can pick it up only at Cabela’s for between $750 and $1100.

Thoughts?  Do you wish “.45 ACP” was engrave really large somewhere too?


13 responses to “Cabela’s Exclusive Deagle Brand 1911”

  1. MrMaigo Avatar

    As long as it isn’t spelled wrong. Seen a baby eagle that’s stamped “Dersert”

  2. Lolinski Avatar

    They even wrote “G” at the end so that people know what you are when they see you with this strap.

  3. Don’t know why MR, STI, and Rock Island have to ruin good guns like that. Only thing worse was from that TV show when the gun shop put a huge G U N S M O K E logo on all their custom work. Send a gun in for a sight install and it comes back with that big logo – I’d be pissed!

    1. The last RI 1911 i had didn’t have the huge lettering on the side. It had just a small log on the rear of the slide. I think they are all coming out of the factory like that now. Of course no one updates their photos on the sales websites…

  4. For that price, I would want, “ME TOO” engraved on the slide also.

  5. derpmaster Avatar

    Does anyone buy this crap? How do all these 1911 companies stay solvent when they are all selling what is essentially the exact same thing as everyone else?

    1. Lolinski Avatar

      Aren’t the AR companies doing the same?

  6. I got rid of a S&W 1911 for exactly the same reason. Just couldn’t stand the huge lettering.

    I suspect these won’t sell very well until they polish off the lettering…

  7. treestump Avatar

    What a missed opportunity to get deagle engraved on it.

  8. Now if the would let me choose the engraving, whole other story! “.45acp So Fuck You!”

  9. Audacia77 Avatar

    Somebody better drop a “Three Wolf Moon” review on Cabela’s page!

  10. Very subtle.

  11. Color case hardened frame tho. Dang.

    I could maybe deal or swap the slide for that frame.