Pipe Shotgun Slugs

Taofledermaus smokes a pipe:

As usual, I wouldn’t want to be hit with that.  Not the most predictable trajectory which isn’t ideal, but better than nothing.

BraveTheWorld-Shotgun-TanktopRoyal Nonesuch is a YouTube channel that’s relatively new to me.  The guy who runs it tagged me in a Instagram picture of him and his homemade .410 revolver pipe shotgun, and he was wearing one of my shirts.  Really cool channel this guy has (he’s getting his own post after this one)… small world that Taofledermaus talked about him today!



One response to “Pipe Shotgun Slugs”

  1. Richard is a good kid. His channel is off to a good start and I like the creativity of the stuff he does. The “gun channel” thing is a hard genre to bust into. I definitely wanted to do my part to encourage him to post more.