Attempting To Shoot A .22LR Through A Rifle Scope

22Plinkster goes where lots have before:

True to his name with a .22 LR of course.  Definitely should try again with .50 BMG or 20mm. :P

Ohhhh shit he could have got $200 cash back for that scope from Leica if he wanted a new Leica ERi scope.

22plinkster-YouTubeHe is one of the few guys I wouldn’t scoff at and be like “might have shot a bit off center!”… it’s like, no… he could have put it dead center from 10x that distance.



2 responses to “Attempting To Shoot A .22LR Through A Rifle Scope”

  1. That was a fun video. Why not? 22plinkster has a great channel, and it’s interesting to see stuff like this. If you listen to the video, Leica gave him the scope for the experiment.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      oh haha he did?! I just tune him out when he talks so much and usually just skip to the shooting. My mistake, thanks for the heads up.