Everyone Gets A Gun

Limiting the Second Amendment:

Oprah-You-Get-A-GunBJ has been on point lately with these videos.

So many good points in this video which would give the anti-gun crowd heart attacks.  Too bad as long as guns are scary assault things which kill people… good luck.

When is he going to turn that neck stuff into a full on neck beard?


7 responses to “Everyone Gets A Gun”

  1. Good point, but please Billy, try to stop bouncing on and on and on on your feet and moving your hips, for God’ sake ! This is really annoying ! Stay still.

    1. Also having a pitching his voice really high when he want’s to emphasize something (e.g. 0:32-0:34).

  2. Motion graphics done right. I’ve got a motion graphics stiffy.

  3. Regulus Avatar

    ah this guy reminds me of a hipster. He annoys me.

  4. jim bob Avatar

    with neck beard you get automatic +5 to all rolls for “living in parents’ basement” mana.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      LOL nice.

  5. hydepark Avatar

    Thanks, Billy. But, I’d be happy with the government just fucking off and minding its own business when it comes to my rights. Ammo wouldn’t become free under my single-point plan, but it would be substantially less expensive.