FIFA Football Gun

WTF is soccer right?

Joerg-SpraveCrazy slingshot guy still has it!  If you’ve followed this blog for a long period of time you know I have little use for professional sports.  I caught the end of that FIFA World Cup game at my cousin’s house though, and I have to say I enjoyed seeing that Argentine star Messi pout after his loss.  Pure gold that soccer awards a trophy to the first place loser and follows them around on camera for a good half an hour while they sulk.  Poor guy makes only a reported $64 million a year for running around on the grass… rough life.  113 minutes until that one and only goal was scored… now that’s what I call boring.



4 responses to “FIFA Football Gun”

  1. Daniel Avatar

    So much troll in this post. :) I’m trying hard not to bite.

    It’s not just about the goals; it’s about the journey to the goals. And at least Messi took it like a man and didn’t cry. See: David Luiz, James Rodriguez, and some of those French players after they were knocked out.

    Slingshot guy has too much fun.

  2. Hahahah, your soccer commentary is on point. Although I did watch a good amount of the World Cup like a sucker. Glad someone else noticed the abundance of camera time the sad losers of the World Cup got. That was hilarious. Even better, the fans crying in the stands over the outcome of a fuckin sporting event!

  3. Critter Avatar

    Sprave just scored more goals than half the teams at the WC.

  4. Todd S Avatar

    He has the best laugh. One more science class with me and I could make him an evil genius.