Dry-Fire Practice For The Situation

NRA Women x Tatiana Whitlock:

What’s up with that random picture on the wall?  Is it some sort of “still life” type scenario I’m not deep enough to understand?

0:48 – “Make sure you have a clear and downloaded firearm.” haha DO NOT attempt to stream the firearm off the firearm server… it’s just not safe, and you’ll look like a douchebag.

0:55 – Ammunition kills!  Lock it up at all times in a separate room!

3:17 – Ah there it is… tactical operator scan.  I knew it was coming!  Good idea as long as you’re actually looking, not just moving your head.

LaserCan-Spray-Paint-Laser-GuidanceI don’t know how “situational” practicing in a quiet room with a paper target is… but I’m not going to scoff at the idea of practice.  Situational for me would be on the couch with cheeto dust all over my underwear and someone busts down my condo door.  I barrel roll to my AR-15 and dump magazine after magazine… threat neutralized. :P



11 responses to “Dry-Fire Practice For The Situation”

  1. Mitori Avatar

    She’s the Hammerfour speed appendix demonstrator from a few years back.

  2. John Fritz Avatar
    John Fritz

    I thought that was a pretty good video. You gotta start somewhere.

  3. Excellent video..serves not only to get people to train with scenarios in their world, give confidence with their gun in their environment, but it (a video) helps improve gun culture as something like this accidentally or intentionally watched by anti-gunners will see what reality-based firearms training is like…not showcased by some ignorant, spitting, racist redneck with a Nugent hat on. Nothing icky about this nice lady carrying a concealed firearm.

  4. Goddamned KoolAide man comes crashing through the wall spraying sugary death everywhere.. .NO WAY TO TRAIN FOR THAT.

  5. I think its a fine video. I am a huge fan of dry fire practice. I used to be a skeptic of the laser trainers, but I bought a laserlyte trainer and I think it has helped significantly with group size. I did not get the target, just the red dot that activates when with trigger pull. The most important thing IMHO is trigger pull and follow through, and that little dot provides excellent visual feedback and eliminates flinching. The downside is that it eats through batteries, but compared to the cost of 1000 rounds and range time, its worth it. The wife’s knick-knacks provide excellent targets. Now, there is no substitute for range time, but as an aid I highly recommend dry fire practice with a $125 laser trainer.

  6. Critter Avatar

    Cheeto dust? Operator as ____!

  7. Had worse.

  8. hydepark Avatar

    “Hey mom, can I go to Timmy’s house and play Call of………………nevermind. I think I’ll just go finish my homework now.”

    Other than some minor stuff I thought it was a solid video. Except for the whole .380 thing. Threats don’t always come in the two-legged form. You can’t convince me even the best .380 is gonna take down a pitbull wearing a hoodie high on bath salts. Just sayin.

    1. jim bob Avatar

      “You can’t convince me even the best .380 is gonna take down a pitbull wearing a hoodie high on bath salts. Just sayin.”

      only option is to have Skittles handy and throw bag one way and run in the other direction.

      1. hydepark Avatar

        HA! I think they have to be the Wild Berry Skittles. The most degenerate of all the Skittles flavors.

  9. It’s Alison from Orphan Black!