Shopping Bag Concealed Carry Shooting Test

JohnnyIShootStuff takes a look at something I questioned the effectiveness of last week:

Here was the original post on Shopping bag handgun concealed carry if you missed it.

1:11 – That IS gangsta that it keeps the casings inside the bag.

Shopping-Bag-Concealed-CarryJohnny likes the idea, from a shooting effectiveness standpoint.  He still says he’s going to do a vid with a public walkabout, which I’m not so sure will fly under the radar as much as he hopes it will.   I hope he picks a better bag for that test… one that isn’t translucent.  I’d really prefer he didn’t get shot by the cops and end up on the news.



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  1. JohnnyIShootStuff Avatar

    If I get shot by the cops, I will make awesome video. I’m just working out the logistics of how I post it after I get lit up. I don’t think the opacity of the bag is that big of a deal. How many times will some soccer mom run into your shopping cart in the grocery store? People just don’t pay that much attention. They don’t give things a second look.

  2. Dan F Avatar

    Good job doing a video, and a professional non-trolly one at that.

    I’m genuinely surprised the pistol didn’t malfunction in that bag. Maybe after a few more shots some plastic would make its way someplace unwanted, but who knows without trying that a few hundred more times. I can see why a revolver makes sense, much like shooting through a purse.

    Wanted: Endo branded tactical deagle grocery bag. Go.
    Wanted #2: Endo guns and coffee branded cup large enough to hold my gat four-five. Or mac-10. Either will suffice.

    Also wanted: Large enough cup with Endo “star

    1. Dan F Avatar

      stupid phone, ignore that Endo*star part.

    2. Johnnyishootstuff Avatar

      I don’t want to do troll videos. There are enough of those. The bag shreds pretty quick, but, I imagine that it’s possible a small peice of plastic could cause a malfunction. Is also worry the the plastic could melt and stick to the barrel.

  3. I can definitely see keeping some bags like that in your vehicle or go-bag. If you’re broken down in a not-nice place, you can then retrieve the bag and go to a death trap — I mean, gas station with signs covering the windows.

  4. Nothing new, people have been using paper bags, newspapers, you name it for years. It would be better to have a clean target to start with if you’re going to make a video.

    1. JohnnyIShootStuff Avatar

      The cardboard is the backer. The plate is the target. Try watching the video. It will be obvious why I’m using the plate.

  5. We must ban all plastic assault bags!


  6. Smooth Operator Avatar
    Smooth Operator

    This is a clever albeit not new idea. Certainly it has limited practicality, but it keeps us on our toes as individuals who tend to perceive mundane things in a more “enlightened” way.

    Within my own thinkings polluted by overly bureaucratic alphabet agencies that strictly adhere to the letter of the law, I can imagine how the act of firing a gun within a shopping bag could be considered as creating a Title II disguised weapon in the eyes of an overzealous prosecutor or ignorant judge/jury. I would inquire the ATF before carrying or shooting a gun in this manner.

  7. heavyfire7537 Avatar

    well done vid. great demo with a little personal opinion. I’m sure the orange dicks will flame you but who cares.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Holy that’s intense!

      1. Dan F Avatar

        It looks like the bag caused a malfunction and the idiot had no idea what to do. Our maybe it was bullet resistant glass?

        Either way, really interesting to see how something like this really goes down and its far from the movies.

  8. Morgan Avatar

    I don’t know if hanging out with the SAPS at a training range counts as “traveling in Africa” in the traditional sense, lol. Also, walking around rough parts of JHB with a gun in a Shoprite bag is neither legal nor advisable. I do like Johnny’s videos and his Springbok rugby supporters jersey. But I just don’t see how this is any better than simply walking with your hands and compact in your pocket.

    1. JohnnyIShootStuff Avatar

      Right, I flew for 17 hours, on two different planes, drove three hours – hit the range with SAPS and then turned around and went right back home. I never said it would be used in a legal manner. I presented it as an option, or rather Greg did, as an alternate method of carry. Encountering the police in Joberg is highly unlikely, and nearly totally unlikely the further you get from a city. If you go further north, leaving SA, you can pay your way out of anything. That’s just how it works. Drawing from a pocket is a pain in the ass and the pistol is pretty much limited to something the size of a Keltec PF-9.

  9. jim bob Avatar
    jim bob

    there is no legitimate need for non LEO possession of high capacity bags.

    1. dgdimick Avatar

      Carrying Donuts is a legitimate reason.