UMass Amherst Gun Club Documentary

OH NO school and guns.  Panties get in knots:

Such a boss move… make a gun club, get school to pay for guns and ammo…. OR NOT (12:56) ahhhh nooooooooo. Oh well at least they get some free blue guns.  I’m kind of disappointed ENDO didn’t make an appearance in the video :P

shooting-targetAnything that introduces more people to the hobby I’m cool with.  The topic of the “gun club” gets derailed quickly in the video though and goes into the audacity of restricted capacity magazines, mom’s against swimming pools, Obama, the NRA, gun control, etc…


Hat tip: Nicholas


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  1. Initial thought? It’s almost an hour long.

    I was in four gun clubs in college, all were part of the student activities, included in the lists of clubs, advertised events on campus. Trap shooting, the school paid for ear and eye protection, clays, and lunch on weekend shoots. Pistol club, the school paid for about a dozen Ruger MkII pistols, a Springfiled 1911, a couple S&W M41s, targets, and range time. Practical Pistol, we shot IDPA, the school paid for targets, stands, and range time. Competition Rifle, the school paid for a half dozen Anschutz custom .22 rigs, shooting jackets, targets, and range time.

    The collections of guns were built up over years, but it was all school property and stored in the range under the hockey rink in the school’s sports complex. The range also had the Archery club, archery PE class, Beginning Rifle PE class, Pistol PE class, bullseye shooting nights, and we held monthly practical pistol shoots for about 10-30 shooters.

    It was a nice school to go to. Lots of shooting.

  2. GreenMountain Human Avatar
    GreenMountain Human

    Damn, wish this club was around when I was going there.

  3. Grindstone Avatar

    “What protects the first amendment… is the Supreme Court of the United States.”

    Got a literal laugh out of me.

  4. dgdimick Avatar

    After about 13 minutes it sort of wanders off. They should have cut the video there.

    I think it’s great that they have been able to start a gun club and teach safety as well as the need to get politically involved in the debate.

    I think they should have just asked these questions:
    Why do you think the founding fathers made it the second amendment and not the 10th?
    Why do we have to defend a right given to us?
    Do you see the 1st amendment or any other rights needing to be defended everyday?
    Why do the BATF and FBI statistics show limiting guns increases violence?
    If you’re being assaulted, what are the police going to do about – expand on the “report” response.