Poachers Gonna Poach

Corridor Digital with a visually stunning short:

0:10 – Ack dude, police your ammo.

Corridor-DigitalYellowstone is such a great park, I’ve been there a few times.

Corridor Digital is really pro, this seemed like an actual Hollywood caliber movie, even the acting and script was quite bad like lots of Hollywood movies.



9 responses to “Poachers Gonna Poach”

  1. Andyhasky Avatar

    about at 3:50 it starts reminding me of this:

    1. GameChanger Avatar

      Good call! Love that show, I’m gunna grape you in the mouth!

  2. Starvinpilgrim Avatar

    I don’t always adjust the scope caps on my 1960’s 4x weaver scope but when I do I make the shot.

  3. Kevin Avatar

    0/10 no hole in hate

    1. Kevin Avatar

      *hat – fuck

  4. GameChanger Avatar

    As this video highlights, it is becoming increasingly difficult to discern between dirty hipsters and wanna be Operators with out the presence of a weapon.

  5. Sanjuancb Avatar

    Visually stunning perhaps, but a far cry from reality.

    a) FMJs for hunting elk? Yeah right.

    b) Cartridge OAL does not match bolt travel length.

    c) That scope does not have external turrets, those are caps.

    d) Elk antlers shown in truck bed were obviously fakes/sheds…since when do they fall off a recently-deceased cervid like that?

    e) Magical paper-towel wetting from dried hands

    f) No magazine in rifle during case ejection (standoff scene)

    g) Your LE partner is shot in the gut and you aren’t going to be immediately applying pressure/bandage?

    I’m no Tier 1 operator, but I have spent a long time hunting. WTH was this?

  6. dgdimick Avatar

    WTF was this? Anti-gun, Anti-Shutdown, or just some tools idea of a Short?

  7. Gwolf Avatar

    WTF is this?

    Where the fuck was Instructor Zero when this shit was going down? Isn’t he always out patrolling the woods?

    These dudes needed a dynamic combat roll.