Wolfenstein Live Action Trailer

Pwnisher is coming out with a movie May 11th:

wolfensteinWolfenstein is so old school.  I know some of you guys who read the blog are probably too young to have played it, but for a lot of us that was like the gateway drug to everything else video game related, period.

Pwnisher always delivers with the vids, so I’m sure the movie will be impressive.  You might know him from the Cardboard Warfare series of videos… if not check them out.



8 responses to “Wolfenstein Live Action Trailer”

  1. Me, That Creepy Guy. Avatar
    Me, That Creepy Guy.

    Mein Leben!!!

  2. Todd S Avatar

    Pong was my gateway drug… I need, I need. I’m doing the work. I’m not a slacker!

  3. Keith Avatar

    For those who haven’t played it or have not played in 20 years


    1. Well that was the greatest timewaster I’ve ever come across! Haha awesome

    2. Texas-Roll-Over Avatar

      sweet mother of god….

  4. I feel old, looks like a good tribute to the game though. What next Dungeon Master?

    1. Todd S Avatar

      We need an Autoduel remake!
      Maybe Blue Max?

  5. Sal T. Avatar

    Wolfenstein: The New Order – E3 Trailer: http://youtu.be/BlvfqfGTar4. Looks badass. I remember having Wolf3D in a hidden file on our computer as a kid so my mom wouldn’t know I was playing it. I think she was worried the violence would lead to an obsession of guns or something. I have no idea what she was talking about. Anyway, I’m on my way to the gun shop/range now.