Stitches Is Back – Everyone’s Favorite Pro-Gun White Rapper

With his SKS, drug talk, and another hot beat:

Good message for the kids as usual.  Sell drugs, send them through USPS, buy a Maserati.

2:20 – “The only thing I’m ever gonna trust / is my AK-47 bruh”.  Interesting… that SKS must just be his music video gun then.  LOL at the scope, bipod, and green laser.

Stitches-RapperLike Stitches said, “Rest in peace to a hater”.   Don’t quote me on this, but I hear Stitches gives a fairly large percentage of his drug earnings to the 2nd Amendment Foundation every month.



36 responses to “Stitches Is Back – Everyone’s Favorite Pro-Gun White Rapper”

  1. At least he has proper gun etiquette…

  2. Oh I forgot, thanks for supporting the UNITED STATES MAIL SERVICE.

  3. Scott Avatar

    Publicly admitting to a federal crime and MAYO is actually off-white, so it sounds like he has bad product.

    1. yALLiGNANT Avatar

      I sell crack to elementary school children. I just admitted to a federal crime, nothing happened. and I’m pretty sure he said it’s “Whiter” than mayo, so it sounds like his product is just fine

  4. ThomasChagrin Avatar

    Just… World, please stop.

  5. derpmaster Avatar

    This dude makes Migos look like Mozart.

    1. Jim Jones Avatar
      Jim Jones

      Oh snap! Migos!

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar


  6. Jim Jones Avatar
    Jim Jones

    To be fair, only a drug dealer who knows he is going to have to spend some serious time in the pen some day would get those kind of tattoos. Kind of hard to get a job when you have “unemployable” tattooed all over your face.

    1. Jim Jones Avatar
      Jim Jones
  7. How old is your son?
    Nine months. And the other one is about to come out in about two or three months.

    Are you still in school?
    Naw man, I’ve been out of school since I’ve been fuckin’ fourteen.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Yikes. Well… I don’t even know what to say haha

  8. tincankilla Avatar

    if NC*Star had a singing competition, this guy would be obvious contestant.

    (to be fair, though, the SKS in the original stock and with improved sights is an excellent and rugged firearm. it just isn’t a bullet hose like an AK.)

    1. Starvinpilgrim Avatar

      HAHAHA! ten-hundred internets to you today, good sir!

  9. Andy Wolf Avatar
    Andy Wolf

    Littlebeknownst, Stitches is a DEA agent and this is a sting/psyop to get morons to try and ship drugs via the USPS.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha that would be amazing.

    2. Nah he’s probably just straight up working for USPS and this is part of their new underground marketing strategy. They’re trying to establish USPS as the official postal service of gangstas everywhere. Not a market you see UPS and FedEx rushing to fill.

      Also kudos on at least having trigger discipline. Maybe he is DEA afterall.

  10. Jorge Avatar

    Did he just rhyme shit with shit.

    1. Quint Young Avatar
      Quint Young

      Rhyming word X with X is a common thing for most small time rappers,
      what I love is when big name rappers rhyme X with Y and then back with X (as if you wouldn’t notice that)

  11. Manny Fresco Avatar
    Manny Fresco

    Sending blow through the USPS and the boxes aren’t event taped up? But anyway:

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Always a relevant song!

  12. You are totally correct Manny, I find it totally unprofessional that he portrays himself as a Drug dealer and would blatantly not seal the boxes properly. Also he did not pack the contents so as it would not slide around. I appreciate that he is trying to help the USPS, out of its debt problems; but please do it the right way and set a example
    Thank you Mr. Stitches, for thinking out of or rather inside the box.

  13. Franco Avatar

    I’m just going to throw this out there; maybe Mr. Stitches just doesn’t know there is a difference between an AK-47 and a tapco’d SKS with a UTG red dot, and maybe no one in his entourage has the courage to correct his mistake. Someday a respected hip-hop elder statesman will pull him aside and let him know, and then we will probably see Stitches waving around a VZ 58 in his videos in yet another comical misunderstanding of firearms identification.

  14. Bitch i got extendos

    1. Me, That Creepy Guy. Avatar
      Me, That Creepy Guy.

      Dude, he’s probably gotta take that shit to find it so he can pee.

    2. Lmao I knew you liked this song you replyed to a guys comment on youtube with this lol

  15. Me, That Creepy Guy. Avatar
    Me, That Creepy Guy.

    Man, it’s like i been sayin’…. rap’s dead. That era’s over. I realize that there are still artists out there and what not, but basically, it ain’t cool no more. Stiches here is just lookin’ passe’

  16. dogxhead Avatar

    “THIS IS DRUG DEALIN MUUUUUUUSIC!” hahaha so much passion! I hate this so bad I love it.

  17. heavyfire7537 Avatar

    i watch this before I do a work out. The face of the enemy. while he is an asshole I believe he is a symptom of a bigger problem.

  18. dgdimick Avatar

    I can just hear it now: Stitches real name is Jerry.

    Jerrys Mom – Jerry that will wash off wont it? You know Halloween was over two months ago. change out of your underwear, we need to go to the mall to get some new cloths at the Gap for you.

    Stitch – Mom, stop calling me that, I want to be called “Stitch” from now on, you know I keep telling you my dream is to be a big rapper someday, maybe even get mocked on ENDO someday.

    Jerrys Mom – Jerry, take that thing out of your mouth, the bridge club will be here in a few minutes and I don’t want them to see you like that. I didn’t spend $6000 on braces to have you wear that “thing”.

    Stitch – Mom, stop nagging me, you know it’s part of my street creed and I have to wear this all the time, or the other rappers will make fun of me.

    Jerrys Mom – Jerry, go clean your room, Aunt Becky is coming to stay next week and you know she doesn’t like it when your room is dirty, she says it smells. Also no more bean burritos Aunt Becky says your farting keeps her awake

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha yea exactly. It’s funny how in the two interviews I’ve read with him, he skirts around the question about “where in Miami did you grow up?” with “Everywhere brUh…. everywhere”. Definitely a rebellious kid from the suburbs.

  19. 305DOMinico Avatar

    SERIOUSLY fuckin dying laughing right now. This dudes from Miami Beach, and went to Miami Beach Senior High. He is not from the hood and his dad is a fucking COP. Swear to God. Jeremy aka Stiches…seriously laughing my ass off right now. Granted he may sell cocaine but a thousand white dudes sell grams here and there. This dude is not getting 100 bricks tho. Jeremy needa get real.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      LOL for real? There goes his street cred. Can you get a yearbook pic?

  20. bryan Avatar

    What’s his real name? He looks mad familiar to me and I live in Miami

  21. cahblu Avatar

    Im almost embarrassed for him…he looks so pathetic

  22. cahblu Avatar

    Im not a huge rap fan but I would love to watch/hear someone raw and underground like Tinn Man tear him to shreds…but im sure this dude cant flow without a half dozen idiots helping him write those cheesy circa 2003 drug rap garbage..