Remembering Gun Violence With Interpretive Dance

Hipsters *shrug*:

Hipster*golf clap*  Dude in the driving cap slayed in on the mouth keyboard at the end.

Aw, no professional victim Colin Goddard!?  They must have snubbed him on this one.  I feel Colin could have brought a more “Robin Hood: Man Victims In Tights” feel to the song. We’re all at a loss that didn’t happen.

Watch me learn that dance /song and show up at the next NRA meeting sliding into your Instagram vids, hashtag #ENDOgotMovesDamn

Hat tip: Truth About Guns


12 responses to “Remembering Gun Violence With Interpretive Dance”

  1. Tantal74 Avatar

    Where’s the interpretive dance routine for all those beaten to death with blunt objects, killed by medical malpractice, or drown in backyard or community swimming pools? I’m feeling these guys are missing a lot of great opportunities to make more horrible music.

  2. Did I see a guy playing the skin flute in there?

  3. Kevin Avatar

    Why not dance because the corporations and banks are carelessly and purposely destroying the world?

    1. 032125 Avatar

      That’s next week. Stay tuned.

  4. Mayor Gooch Avatar
    Mayor Gooch

    Yeah. Even aside from the retarded anticonstitutional message, it’s still just some lame-ass NPR-listening Neo-Harlem hipster-dance snoozefest.

  5. Chase Avatar

    Holy sweet baby Jesus, those comments on that are entertaining as hell.

  6. Jim Jones Avatar
    Jim Jones

    Holy fucking shit there is a lot of derpitude in this video. **Snap fingers!!**

  7. tobias Avatar

    I really hope this project was supported with Blomberg funds .

  8. Lol the tuba… kinda hoping he would start playing polka…

  9. Why do fat chicks think a nose ring helps?

  10. CR-Pyro Avatar

    I found it much easier to watch if you start Combichrist’s Shut Up and Swallow at the 30s mark (around there, you want to be about 1:05 when the dancing starts). It makes the entire thing much more bearable. Mind you, I have never tried to, wanted to, or cared to understand interpretive dance so that may skew me away from their target audience.

    1. CR-Pyro Avatar

      Oh, and what’s up with 90’s copstache doing the percussion and skin flute as well as the lady who has pants where the crotch goes to her knees. Is this hipster fashion at its finest now?