Joni “Tea Cup Cool Mom” Ernst For U.S. Senate

Mom, farm girl, and tea cup pistol grip aficionado:

Joni-Ernst-GunI like the bad girl image for a change.  I hope she wins, kicks ass and takes names.  I don’t know anything about her, but my initial impression is that she doesn’t come off as the usual sleazy politician type.

Despite the tea cup grip, I actually think the ad is alright.  Beats Bob Quast’s embarrassing gun related ad any day of the week.



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  1. tool719 Avatar

    It looks like she’s Right handed and Left eye (dom). Thats a tough way to fire…But it looks like she can get the job done.

  2. Are we not even gonna talk about how low her grip was. The web of her hand was like a solid inch below the beavertail. Hah.

    Still hating on the Quast video? I love that guy!

  3. Did anyone else get a woody watching this?

  4. Todd S Avatar

    I may or may not be nursing a semi.

  5. Sondra Avatar

    Your statement that you don’t know anything about her sums it up for me. Joni is a nice person but would not be a good senator. She is relying on cute cartoon like ads to get her name out there. She claims to be a conservative but is backed by the establishment. She struggles in debates or when asked questions outside her talking points.

    1. I agree. The whole R field is establishment types. No matter which one wins, we lose (again).

  6. Sondra Avatar

    There is a true Christian, conservative, constitutionalist in this Senate race, Sam Clovis. Sam is retired USAF fighter pilot and current college professor. Sam has been endorsed by Gun Owners of America, Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund, Eagle Forum, Citizen’s United, Project to Restore America and Louie Gohmert. You can’t get much more conservative than that!!!

    1. Cool story.

  7. Concealedkerry Avatar

    One shouldn’t be pointing that pistol at anything one isn’t going to shoot and certainly not with trigger finger inside the trigger guard. I know, I know, this is likely a cut clip from a firing range, still that is safety 101 in gun handling! To even show this violates that which all novice shooters are or should be taught. How many bad habits are formed or encouraged to make Joni Ernst look tough. If she were truly tough and qualified she would be able to hold her own in debates, she can’t, she isn’t, she’s not US Senate material, not enough gravitas to handle the DC machine! Probably not enough to beat Bruce Braley! Sam Clovis is the real conservative with more Gravitas than all the other four put together! Sam can win in Iowa and in DC!

  8. Concealedkerry Avatar

    Above comment refers to the still clip of the viewer looking down the gun barrel while Joni has trigger finger inside the trigger guard. Bad taste, Bad habits, create bad results.

  9. I’ve met all of the candidates – will tell you up front – have worked with Sam over the past 5 years with our Serious Civics group — we’ve conducted dozens of lectures (found at with the search Serious Civics) – honestly will say he not only talks the talk but walks the walk. He’s at a point in his life none of the others are – but this is just a sideline to what’s been mentioned. All of the other candidates have kids who have yet to graduate from high school and some middle school. During this next 6 years, these kids need mom and dad – if there was no one like Sam in this race, their sacrifice would be understood. But, because we do have the seasoned Clovis, they do not have to make those sacrifices… do think about that too…

  10. I will add – I truly do like Sam, Matt, Joni, Scott in that order – the several times I visited with MJ – his arrogance was much worse than that of any politician I’ve yet to meet. Matt is a quick learner but would be sucked up in DC by other career attorneys who do everything they can to avoid tort reform efforts. Not sure Matt could stand strong on that. Scott – he should have a reregistered as a JFK democrats – he might have given Braley a real run with that. Joni — she can’t dodge the bullets coming in HER way from the democrats on her voting record and then trying to cover that with military duty. Think about who uncovered that – The Des Moines Register and then TheGazette in Cedar Rapids – Jacobs is using this and so will the democrats – this could keep the much needed independents on the side-lines – more than anything we need to win this race towards taking the gavel away from Reid…

  11. Since this started off on style IN the commercial – is there a message there? Six shots/13 holes in the target… But, she did look good… Everyone would agree with that – here’s another thought – think about Chuck Grassley – whomever is sent to DC – if WE win (republican), he’ll likely have to lead them around and introduce them to other allies –

  12. Buccaneer_9 Avatar

    Dat wig tho!

  13. jim bob Avatar
    jim bob

    tea cupping. good enough for Jack Bauer, good enough for me.

  14. She’s clearly cross-eye dominant. Do you really want one of them in office? How do you expect me to explain that to my kids?
    I am not ok with her alternative lifestyle.

  15. cardsfanbj Avatar

    “I’m here to kick ass and take names, and I’m all out of ass.”