Instructor Zero Gets Dynamically Disruptive

OOOOOOOOoooooo Kill’em Zero:

Christian-Bale-Pointing-MemeYou can just hear Zero’s words cutting through the air like a razor sharp Italian pizza wheel when he talks.

LOL those rolls… so dynamic this guy.

Do you guys practice rolls at the range?

Hat tip: Jesse


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  1. Me, That Creepy Guy. Avatar
    Me, That Creepy Guy.



  2. Andy Wolf Avatar
    Andy Wolf

    is it just me, or is anybody else growing tired of the beard fad?
    I’ve started putting clippers to face just to prevent from looking like everybody else… Who all seem to be sporting nasty pubic face..

    1. Steve Avatar

      Nope. I’m with you. I’m sure most of us are too. “Manly” beards are becoming a joke. Let’s blame hipsters and internet memes (they butchered Keep Calm and Carry On). We might as well start calling them “Dynamic” or “Tactical” beards.

      Does it seem to you like men with man-beards are to be trying to prove something?

    2. derpmaster Avatar

      Bro, do you even tactical? The 1872 lumberjack beard has been proven by science to lower the operator’s high speed/low drag coefficient by at least 2%.

      The same goes for the tactical beer gut (or canoli gut, in this guy’s case). Contrary to popular belief, it is actually beneficial to be a flabby middle aged 5’8″ man while out on operations. You need those reserves for when you are operating deep behind enemy lines, or when swimming 40ft under the surface of the North Sea towards that oil rig that has been taken over by Belgian ultranationalists.

      You haters need to learn a thing or two about being tactical. Then maybe you could start a youtube channel and spend the handful of google dollars you earn on beard wax.

    3. Holy shit, I was thinking the same exact thing when I started watching this. We need to start seeing some tier 0 operators with baby ass faces.

      Also, what is the point of the video?

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        haha yea baby faces and original Bieber haircuts. Flip the script on everyone.

        1. Travis Haley is your man then! (Minus the bieber cut)

            1. Steve Avatar

              Hahaha. I love this blog.

  3. Scott Avatar

    Doing rolls or other “tactical” things at the ranges out here would *probably* get you banned for life.

  4. Never understood the roll fascination by some. Like Hondo said, “They only roll in John Woo movies, not in real life.” Haha.

    Now the binary, I can certainly see how that could SIMULATE the literal “fog of war”. Firefight, ambush, anti-personnel, IED maybe. Disorienting as fuck when you’re trying to find your next target.

    On the beards, they certainly are becoming mainstream, but hey, they are proven to increase combat effectiveness. I’ve never seen anyone who could grow a full, thick, even beard talk shit about beards. #PatchinessProblems #DoesItGrowInAllWhiteTrashyLikeThat?
    source ;)

    1. Dale Smith Avatar
      Dale Smith

      Yeah, I’ve noticed the beard complainers tend to be the baby faced guys, too. On the other hand, I would kill to not have to shave everyday.

    2. That’s because only SF and other high speed units can roll with a beard downrange …. so naturally their fighting ability is better, because they’re fucking tier 1 lmao

    3. But I appreciate your #sarcasm

  5. Who is this guy exactly anyway?

    1. Who cares – hes doing combat rolls, SPLOSIONS!

  6. David Avatar

    Once, goofing off I did some “Captain Kirk rolls” just to have fun with friends. I’m not claiming it as a real life tool but holy crap did it reinforce muzzle discipline and focus on the target. If you think it provides no training, try it. Rolling over, keeping muzzle down range, and finding your sights isn’t easy. To me this is like Fitshot, built to rattle you and make more challenging movement.

  7. Gwolf Avatar


  8. I love how tactically tight his pants are. I think skin tight pants is the new beard.