DIY PVC Target Stand For Only $15

JohnnyIshootStuff made a little vid about his easy to build stand:

triple-tap-poster-chinese-IPSC-shootingLooks good.  Due to its light weight I’m assuming you’d probably need to put something on the legs when the wind picks up… but I’m sure you guys can figure out something creative.  Heck you could probably fill the legs up with sand after incorporating a couple extra PVC pieces into the mix. As is you could probably pour cement in them.



8 responses to “DIY PVC Target Stand For Only $15”

  1. Johnishootstuff Avatar

    Sandbags work great to keep these in place. You can also use tent stakes. I shoot where it’s rocky so I use the sandbags. I left off four 90º elbows and front piece that other designs use. It increases the price by 50% without adding any value or function.

  2. I made a set of these off a different but nearly identical set of plans. they work great and I leave them out at the place I go shooting and they are still going a few years later.

  3. Alien426 Avatar

    Hmm, Crocket and The Late Boy Scout made target stand videos in 2011 …

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      “Hmmm”? I’ve never heard of either of those guys, but I’m sure there are also thousands of other target stand vids on YouTube.

    2. Johnnyishootstuff Avatar

      Interesting. I had never seen these two videos. I have seen a similar design. I left the front piece and the elbows off to keep cost down. I also found that, over time, the connections get weak. This is why I recommended gluing the joints. I kept my crossbar lower to the ground. The higher it is the more likely it is to take a stray round and shatter.

  4. Dracon1201 Avatar

    Here is what I do for targets.

    1) Buy dowel rod
    2) Shapen one end
    3) Duct tape 5-7 targets on the sides of the rod.
    4) Shoot it until a flyer eventually breaks it.
    5) Reach into shooting bag and pull out one of your dozen backups.

    It’s great, especially since they only cost $2-3 at most per set and you can shoot them forever.

    1. Dracon1201 Avatar

      *Sharpen*- Spelling fail derpyderp

  5. IllTemperedCur Avatar

    A suitable length of rebar would work fine.

    Plus it pulls double duty during those occasional hobo-hunting expeditions.