Sarah Palin’s Cliche NRA Speech With Every Current Joke Ever

Don’t ask why her hair looks like a dog chewed on it… I don’t know:

Although Sarah Palin would say or do absolutely anything to further herself politically, I still would rather have her on our side, than on the anti-gun side.  She’s a pretty decent speaker even though she definitely doesn’t write her own speeches.

I wonder if she’s enjoyed her favorite pastime of hunting lately *snicker*

Someone remind me again why she’s still in the spotlight?  Don’t even tell me she still has plans to run for president.

Sarah-Palin-Alaska-TLC-Rifle-Caribou-Hunt7:22 – If I were in charge they would know that water boarding is how we baptize terrorists.

Yea we get it Sarah, you wore 3 bracelets that are topical. *smh*



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  1. so why is she speaking at an NRA conference?

    NRA needs to distance themselves from coattail-riding morons like her.

  2. Part of one of her latest speeches: “Well, if I were in charge …. They would know that waterboarding is how we baptize terrorists.”

    Wrong on so many levels. Please don’t mention torture techniques as a form of christianity’s most sacred rites, Sarah. kthx!

    1. Maybe we shouldn’t be trying to “baptize terrorists” in the first place, regardless of the analogy used.

      1. Lol, yes, and then there’s that….

  3. Fake Chris Avatar
    Fake Chris

    Sarah Palin is a moron. John McCain did this country a great disservice by legitimizing her in 2008, and now that the whole country has come to realize what a moron she is, the NRA is doing all gun owners a disservice by giving her a platform on our behalf.

    It’s crap like this that turns moderates away from pro-2A positions. Speakers like Palin make the NRA (and all gun owners by association) seem like crazy wingnut racist Republican morons, a point which antis are all too happy to take advantage of.

    If gun ownership is to expand in USA, the 50% who own guns have to stop alienating and fighting the other half of the country and start reaching out to them. Show a lineup of speakers that’s half-Republican, half-Democrat, and all pro-gun, and THAT will make news in a good way.

  4. What this guy said. Let’s stay on topic, talk about the second amendment, junior college rifle teams, the (positive) security implications of gun ownership for people, the single mom in a crummy area who is alive only because she was able to defend herself from some hoodies, the way that most gun people are very accepting of people in their community (example Chris Cheung). Why muddy the water and divide people with someone like Sarah Palin? Does anybody think the Global War on Terrorism has been good for any of our civil rights?????

    1. Fake Chris Avatar
      Fake Chris

      > Does anybody think the Global War on Terrorism has been good for any of our civil rights?????

      Very true. And this is something we need to realize- the Republican party may be more pro-gun than the Democrats, but they are NOT *our* best buddies. It was under them that the GWOT started, under them that we have billions of DHS funds spent armoring sheriffs into paramilitary squads, it’s under them that we had warrantless wiretapping and all sorts of other civil liberties violations.

      Neither of the main parties are truly our friends. Some are sometimes less bad than others, but that’s it.

      IMHO- Republican have more in common with Democrats than either group has in common with politicians.

      1. Reagan signed FOPA, which closed the machinegun registry. The Mustache (Terry Branstad) signed the law banning NFA in Iowa. I could fill pages with examples of (R)s who signed anti- 2A bills, but won’t. Neither party wants you armed, and the GOP is only pro-2A when they want you to write them a check.

        Palin was just here in Iowa to endorse a federal senate candidate. I wonder if she’s making the rounds because she has another book in the works, or wants to test the waters for 2016? Either way, I’m never voting (R) (nor (D)) again, and neither should you.

        1. Fake Chris Avatar
          Fake Chris

          > Neither party wants you armed, and the GOP is only pro-2A when they want you to write them a check.

          Yup. And I think if we can persuade the Dems that going pro-gun will win them more checks than it will cost them, they’d be pro-gun too. There are few single-issue gun control voters, but there are plenty of single-issue gun rights voters. Problem is a lot of Dems come from anti-gun areas so it goes against the grain.

          > Either way, I’m never voting (R) (nor (D)) again, and neither should you.

          Both major parties have gone off the deep end. However until our system of voting changes to something like instant-runoff voting, the current dysfunctional duopoly will continue. Because right now in America, you don’t vote FOR a candidate, you vote AGAINST a candidate by voting for their most likely opponent. Not doing so is seen as ‘wasting’ the vote.
          Unless you can convince millions that no vote is wasted (good luck with that), the solution (IMHO) is to change our system of voting to something like Instant Runoff. Such a system would get rid of primary elections, instead just throw everybody who can muster enough signatures on the ballot. Voters can then vote for as many or as few candidates as they want in order of preference. So you can vote FOR a less popular but better candidate, without wasting your vote AGAINST a more popular but less desirable candidate.

          Unfortunately the current system serves the duopoly well so don’t hold your breath for it to change anytime soon.

  5. Listening to this woman speak is like masturbating with a cheese-grater; slightly amusing, but mostly just painful.

  6. Manny Fresco Avatar
    Manny Fresco

    What a crock of shit. What Fake Chris, achmed & overkill556x45 said x1000!

  7. TheBear Avatar

    I think the only reason she is still relevant is so many lonely middle aged conservatives would hit it in a heartbeat.

  8. It’s interesting to see how she was so popular as Gov of Alaska and gave the McCain campaign a big push when they were hurting. That was when the lib/progressive machine went to work on her and she was demonized as badly as anyone in recent history.

    Fast forward to today and it’s popular for those in the gun culture to rag on her too. Is it possible for free thinkers to be influenced by the lib/progressive culture machine? It sure looks like it to me.

    1. TheBear Avatar

      It’s possible for free thinkers to identify an idiot.

      Just because progressives say someone is an idiot does not automatically mean they’re not.

    2. Bill #2 Avatar

      Oh no! Those evil liberals are invading our sacred gun culture!!!

    3. Q: Is it possible for free thinkers to be influenced by ?
      A: Yes. That’s part of what makes one a free thinker, and not a dogmatic one.

  9. sapper911 Avatar

    Many people say she is stupid without stating there reasons. Y do you think she is stupid?

    1. Fake Chris Avatar
      Fake Chris

      Because she argued that the view from her house qualifies her in matters of international diplomacy.

      Because she couldn’t figure out that she was being prank called, even after the person who was supposedly a foreign head of state referred to the ‘documentary’ “Nailin’ Palin” as ‘edgy’: (note- that’s a real call, they actually got through to Palin and she actually fell for it).

      One of my biggest complaints though is that in the mayoral race in Wasilla, she took what was formerly a cooperative and respectful small-town style race and turned it into a standard political zoo.

  10. Rick D Avatar

    I’m an Alaskan , most Alaskans I know despise “Sarah the Quitter” . Her legacy is leaving the state of Alaska in the capable hands of her lapdog and former Oil company lobbyist and giving us a tax structure that is retarded at best. Her budgets were full of sweetheart deals for schools her family and friends worked at . She actually spends most her time living in Arizona . We all speculate that she is going to run for Gov or Sen in AZ when and if McCain retires …She is nothing more than a self promoting , self serving reality TV star .. a freak at best ..Like Northern Exposure meets Jessie Ventura .. With breasts