Asian Kid Brushes Teeth With Glock Slide Reciprocation

This is hands down the greatest video I’ve seen in a while:

LOL I love it.  An airsoft Glock 18 obviously, but still hilarious.  Man, Asian guys always come up with the funniest shit.  It’s like they operate on a whole other level when it comes to quirky repurposing of items, and interesting / niche skills.

Please no one ever try that with a real Glock.

Asian-Kid-Glock-ToothbrushThoughts?  Would operate with?

Hat tip: Kyle


21 responses to “Asian Kid Brushes Teeth With Glock Slide Reciprocation”

  1. Smooth Operator Avatar
    Smooth Operator

    I would be very cautious running this particular toothbrush rig. He is putting himself at great legal risk. Glock owns the design of oral hygiene products with polymer frames and square blocky reciprocating slides. They are likely to sue him for patent infringement.

    1. SnJohnson Avatar

      “Please no one ever try that with a real Glock.”

      Mattv, please try this with a real Glock brand Glock.

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        hahah Mattv is a professional though.

      2. Starvinpilgrim Avatar

        The ergonomics would be a better fit if he attached it to the muzzle end instead.

        Hate for good ole Matt to twist his wrist now.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      He’s screwed now!

  2. Regulus Avatar


  3. derpmaster Avatar

    I see this as a new challenge for Mattv2099.

  4. Dracon1201 Avatar

    Oh, that was great!!!!

    1. I’m sure you’ve raked in the cash to pay for dental work, right? Do it!

      1. Cerakote those pearly whites.

      2. lol. Youtube money is a joke. My channel makes like 5-10$ a day.

        fortunately I have probably the best medical and dental benefits packages available in America today…

        1. TheBear Avatar

          You need to do more to push the envelope!

          Jorg Sprave didn’t get the massive viewcounts until he started making slingshot bazookas and shit.

          1. lolinski Avatar

            With chainsaws if I might add.

        2. dgdimick Avatar

          O-barry care?

  5. lolinski Avatar

    What is Matt waiting for?

  6. Ok, someone make these for reals. Hoppes can make a toothpaste for it.

  7. Quint Young Avatar
    Quint Young

    I cant imagine having that KWA/KSC airsoft glock venting propane right in my face would be a very enjoyable experience. It may clean your teeth but you’ll smell like rotten onions for days

  8. First it will be a novelty product in japan, then it will be imported overseas, then kids everywhere will have a toothbrush gun. Gentlemen, I present to you, the best way to promote oral hygiene.

  9. Come on, has no one else commented on how another mod to a airsoft G18 would make for a entertaining porno vid?

  10. Petition For Redress Avatar
    Petition For Redress

    Here’s the same kid (?) with an assault weapon toothbrush (AWTB) – can empty 30 tube-clips of toothpaste in 30 seconds or less (if you put the shoulder thingy up)…