Mattel BoomCo Foam Dart Guns

Target market – enthusiastic skater tweens:

Hasbro owns NERF (which you’ve obviously heard of)… it only makes sense that the competition Mattel wants a piece of that action.  I think they have a pretty good shot considering their vast distribution network which is already in place.  

As you can see the BoomCo line contains a lot of bright colors, similar to NERF’s own.  Obvious reasons for that of course.  I’d definitely be tempted to break out the matte black rattlecan if I were to buy one.  Gotta watch where you play with that kind of thing outside though.  Probably even with fluorescent guns now too *ahem* oops I mean “blasters”.

I’m assuming Mattel had to carefully skirt a lot of NERF patents to make this happen.

BoomCo-Mattel-LogoComing summer 2014… you can check out the BoomCo website for more info.



7 responses to “Mattel BoomCo Foam Dart Guns”

  1. ThomasChagrin Avatar

    It’s about to get….epic. :-/

    1. I love how it was dreamed up by middle aged ad execs who think they know what kids like.

      1. MrMaigo Avatar

        “Studies show kids like magenta…”

      2. TheBear Avatar

        Where is 10 year old Tom Hanks in a grown man body for R&D when you need him?

  2. derpmaster Avatar

    this video is so xtreme that I had to drop the ‘e’.

  3. So high speed.

  4. It may seem silly, but if I was never introduced to nerf guns when I was about ten, I might’ve never gotten into the sport of shooting.