The Dark Side Of Firearms Training

*Eyebrow raise*

So high speed… so little drag.  If you don’t understand, then I guess you’re not an operator.  WELCOME TO THE DARK SIDE.


1:07 – I also realize I need someone on tactical spritzer duty, to operationally spray me in the face with salt water before I run Mozambique drills.

1:25 – Ice water drills?  Argh this dude trains for it all.  I hope he has a one-hand-in-hot-water-while-im-taking-a-nap drill to train to not pee himself while he’s napping and an attacker is creepin’.

Instructor-Zero1:49 – Borrows his girl’s MAC mirror to take out an insurgent.

1:54 – Warning shots at the feet!  Warning shots at the feet!  Don’t even question the utility of that or I’ll slap your IP on a ban list LOL jk.

They call him instructor zero because that’s actually the precise Tier of his operations, and the amount of fucks he gives about what you think about his methods. Thoughts?


28 responses to “The Dark Side Of Firearms Training”

  1. Given how uncomfortable that dude is in front of a camera, you have to question how confident he is in what he is presenting?

  2. Having a plastic bag over my head would sure put a damper on the next range trip. That’s pretty much the point when a fun hobby turns into an obsession.

    1. Not trying to defend this particular video, but there is a difference between fun hobby and training for some purpose.

  3. some_guy Avatar

    I’d rather do those drills than those Russian Alfa Group drills.

    1. +1
      Same kind of stuff, but you know, WITHOUT someone downrange or grabbing you when you’re trying to shoot their feet.

      Is he legit, or just a guy that likes training? Italian SF?

  4. Nicholas Chen Avatar
    Nicholas Chen

    I did like the window washing pole targets. It is an interesting challenge. Of having moving objects, besides swingers or that expensive robotic target.

  5. MrMaigo Avatar

    1:16 is that a ziplock bag on his head?
    I’d by his DVD if he did an exlax drill, that’d really ramp up his training.

    1. Or how about:

      1.One where you have to reach into a box full of scorpions to grab a weapon, then fire it.
      2. Put hands in ice for 5 minutes, then reach into a box of scorpions to grab a weapon, then fire it.
      3. Repeat 1+2, but with a ziplock on your head, through a cardboard box window.

      1. jim bob Avatar

        only impressive if done with Yoda on your back.

        3… 2… 1… until yeager shpritzes shooter while photog downrange.

  6. I think Buck Yeager actually does the drill where stuff is squirted in his face while he shoots….. But it ain’t water and it ain’t from a spray bottle.

  7. zero doing what zero does

  8. 80-90% silly. However the moving bobbing targets are good in my opinion. Also I think at a certain level the extra stuff like shooting with freezing hands or some other imposed disability is a confidence builder. However I am not broccoli so take that bag off my head please.

  9. Matthew Avatar

    Anyone know the type of helmet he is wearing?

    1. Appears to be an OPS-Core Base Jump. The molded shroud is the give away.

  10. John F. Avatar

    Ahh. Yes. Instrukt Tor Zee Roah.

    Actually, the cardboard-wavy-sticks were pretty cool.

  11. a picture of that guy is the surest way to make sure I never press Play

  12. Overtshot Avatar

    My friend and I are convinced that he isn’t a person, but a character Tom Clancy made up in the 90’s.

  13. tincankilla Avatar

    Is the tactical foot shooting the tactical trend of 2014?? If Russkies and Italians do it, its gotta be tac.

    Also, this guy is Italy’s total operator export quota for the past 20 years.

  14. The bag over the head is pretty dumb. The targets on poles is pretty interesting way to do a moving target at close range. The spray to the face and hands in ice I can kinda see, but that’s why you wear eye pro and gloves.

    1. Gloves! Haha,because those stop your hands from being cold and wet. When your hands are cold AND wet you loose dexterity and feeling in your digits. Gloves don’t do shit.

      1. If its cold weather, you wear cold weather gloves, which should at the least be water resistant.

  15. All of what he’s doing looks stupid, but if you think about it, it makes sense.
    You might have to shoot after being exposed to tear gas or mace: train with plastic bag over head.
    Hands in ice water, AWESOME! I’m doing that this weekend!
    The targets on sticks look stupid, but can you think of a better way that doesn’t cost a brazillion dollars and moves in a human like way?

  16. Dude is a total poser pretending to be some sort of former SOF. He made a “CQB” video and the tactics literally looked exactly like what you see 15 year old Airsoft players doing.

  17. Disgusting Fatbody Avatar
    Disgusting Fatbody

    I see a lot of retarded comments about this guy. Even though he out shoots EVERY ONE of you.
    Makes me think of jealous bitches watching one of the dumbass housewife shows.

    1. Rocky Lemons Avatar
      Rocky Lemons

      Ty . Instructor zero is a beast

  18. JustAVet Avatar

    Ok, well, I’ve been shooting for a lifetime and consider myself to be a very solid shooter. I have a high level of respect for someone that shoots like this man does. It’s obvious, that whatever his military background, he practices relentlessly! Hat’s off to the man………

  19. Robert Taylor Avatar
    Robert Taylor

    To all of the internet trolls out there, Number one – you do not know anyone that can shoot better- Rifle, pistol or shotgun , Number 2 – He recently trained some USMC Marine Raiders that reported it was the most realistic real world shooting ever demonstrated. So until ya’ll are better than 20 different countries SOF including ALL of ours, try not to make old man noises getting out of your chairs to let your dog out

  20. Jonny5 Avatar

    Instructor Zero gets me wet at the tip.