Top Gun 2 Audition Tape From Rob Riggle

Rob Riggle wants a piece of the action:

Top-Gun-Baby-Costume-Halloweenhaha I love how the pilot was throwing lots of G’s at Rob.  Good stuff.

<— I vote for the top gun twins also getting a part in Top Gun 2. :P

Funny guy, and a military veteran too.


6 responses to “Top Gun 2 Audition Tape From Rob Riggle”

  1. HA HA HA this guy is awesome! Really funny video!

    Ah ah, keep the channel clear. Fair enough…

  2. Fuckin POG.

  3. I’d pay so so so much money to get to do that…

    1. Right !!

  4. DoubleTap Avatar

    Hey Rob you with me ?………………oh yeah. I almost pissed my pants.

  5. Yes..a Lt.Col is totally a POG..