Bob Quast’s Attention Grab For Iowa’s Open Seat In US Senate

Is this real life?

Blowing a potential attacker’s balls off with his Glock?  Bullets in his magazine? *face palm*

Bob-Quast-GlockHoly I hate when anything political crosses my radar.  I’m sure this guy has some decent ideas, but he singlehandedly destroyed his own credibility with that hokey video.  No one needs a half-assed try-hard comedian in the senate.

The one thing that’s definitely hilarious is his shitty website.

Thoughts?  Would vote for?


15 responses to “Bob Quast’s Attention Grab For Iowa’s Open Seat In US Senate”

  1. I am a native Iowan. This guy is, sadly, probably our best candidate right now. The cool part is that he’s a libertarian running as a D because there are already six or seven Rs that are completely identical ( big gov, big spenders). The ad was intended to be hokey and silly. As for the website, libertarians all have bad ones because their kids or neighbors do them for free.

  2. Not bad as far as political ads go.

    As far as shooting the balls of of sexual predators, he has a good reason:

    1. How the fuck does someone who murdered someone and scattered their body parts around the city get off on a plea deal and end up in half way house? Lock that fucker up for life. Jesus.

      1. Agreed.

      2. screw that just let Quast have him for 12 hours no questions asked

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      WTF?! He’s out?! Argh… well I can’t see I don’t agree with the shooting the guy’s balls off part, but I just don’t think this was the right type of place for him to joke about it. I suppose it did get some attention though… I just don’t know if it’s the right type that has “senator” written all over it. Who knows though.

  3. As an Iowan, I’d vote for this guy over Braley. And we sure as shit need term limits.

  4. JoeDeke Avatar

    Chinese weaponlight? Buy American, Bob.

    1. Yep, first thing I noticed was the ncstar weaponlight which let’s me know he’s not in “the know” with guns. At least it’s not a laser.

      And still, I’d vote for him just to get a new kind of crazy in office. The dem/rep kind of crazy has been done to death. And how much worse can it get?

    2. GameChanger Avatar

      You know what they say, you can always judge a politician by their weapon light! At least this guy actually has a weapon light mounted to an actual gun and not a baseball bat with rail mounted accessories, for some reason liberals love them as bedside defense weapons.

  5. ENDO-Mike Avatar

    haha he just followed me on Twitter

    1. He probably knows even the Colbert Bump during an election is nothing compared to the ENDO bump he’ll need to win.

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        haha the ENDO bump! So sought after…

  6. Overtshot Avatar

    Considering the crap jokers have said to try and win my vote in the past? This guy isn’t that bad.

  7. I’d vote for him! As political ads go, it was more substantive and honest than the photoshop/fluff/talking-point bullshit ads we usually see. Go Bob!