Shooting Backup CD Copies Of Justin Bieber’s Album

22Plinkster was pissed off at Justin’s recent antics so he lashed out:

55 CDs.  .22LR does some damage, real talk.  That would have been cool to see in Richard Ryan brand slow motion.

22plinkster-YouTubeIf you’re looking for .22 LR Ammunition click the link and read the post then the comments.  Apparently ENDO is an undiscovered trove of .22 LR… I get emails a few times a week about the .22 ammo I’m selling too.  haha oh man.



4 responses to “Shooting Backup CD Copies Of Justin Bieber’s Album”

  1. hydepark Avatar

    What are these strange discs? I think I read about them in a history book. Weren’t they used by Snake Plissken to defeat the evil gangs that once ruled the now forgotten and abandoned cities of LA and New York?

  2. Johno Bigstick Avatar
    Johno Bigstick

    Dang it! I guess I’ll scrap that ballistic suit of armor I’d been working on with my brothers 90’s music collection.

  3. Buzzy243 Avatar

    Wow, I’m in tears over that comment section below the CMP .22 LR post. If those posters reflect the reading comprehension level of the average American we are so f*cked.

    Jim P. is doing the Lord’s work over there letting the fools know that ENDO isn’t selling the ammo. What is he gonna do when someone actually posts their CC number though?

  4. Are those Takis ?

    I’d like to, Taki, to you on the phone herderderpderp