Aftermath 2 – PWS

PWS with a follow up to the first Aftermath video they posted:

Ryan gosling is back operating in modern day Detroit, and is apparently comfortable in CQB with a magnified optic. *face palm*

0:05 – Cool hallway / lighting effect

0:29 – No flashlight already on your railed forend?  Pfffffft amateur.  PWS do you even operate?

1:56 – I was beginning to wonder what this had to do with rifles (what PWS sells)… here’s some action footage I guess that’s supposed to make us want to buy one of their ARs.

Ryan-GoslingCool video I guess *shrug*.  The production value was high, but again the story was weak.  The same complaint I have about their Half Cocked cartoon series too… looks nice, but ultimately useless.  I’d say I’m looking forward to Aftermath 3, but my interest in this is reaching record lows.



6 responses to “Aftermath 2 – PWS”

  1. triggernoob Avatar

    I would agree. Pretty pointless.

    1. but pretty fun, leave it as it is and appreciate the fiction. like michael bay movies….they almost always are suck balls fiction but fun to watch for people that separate reality from entertainment. pointless, yes. fun to watch yes.

  2. derpmaster Avatar

    Such tactical. So operations. So amaze.

  3. DinoRidingArab Avatar

    They replied to someone’s comment about the optic saying that it was to maintain continuity with the last video because they used that optic originally.

    1. DinoRidingArab Avatar

      Still, how can he even attempt to operate in these operations with a magnified optic WITHOUT 45 DEGREE CANTED IRON SIGHTS?? Also, no notch hat. Very disappointing.

  4. hydepark Avatar

    I can already smell Dugan Ashey lubing it up with his own tears.