Sonny Puzikas Now Gets Paid To Shoot People

Well… in a movie called “Daylight’s End” A.K.A. Struggle World War Z:

0:58 – “Shoothouse P” himself, looking all Spetsnaz and shit, delivers a line.  Oscar quality acting.

2:30 – Want a scone with that teacup?

I sure hope art imitates life, and he negligently pops someone in the movie.  That would be amazing.

Sonny-Puzikas-ApprovedGeorge Zimmerman shot someone he got famous, Sonny Puzikas shot someone he’s now a movie star.  I’m starting to see a trend here… Anyone want to volunteer?  I’d go as low as 9mm, and you could pick the location.  ENDO needs that Hollywood money.


Hat tip: JPCMT


12 responses to “Sonny Puzikas Now Gets Paid To Shoot People”

  1. Sonny Puzikas actually trained Johnny Strong for his role in Sinners & Saints he also has a very minor role as a hired goon in that film.

    I’d say Strong formed a decent enough friendship with the guy to bring him on in this film too.

  2. Some real deep trigger finger with that tea cup too. Looks like a decent action flick though.

  3. Dale Smith Avatar
    Dale Smith

    I’d watch it. Looks interesting, in a purely seeing lots of guns used to kill scary monsters kind of way.

  4. Looks like it has a bit of 28 days later quality, a pinch of I am legend, and lots of WWZ and Walking Dead action. Glad to see they use proper weapons and not a bunch of ‘good guy’ ‘murican weapons – ar/aks and less lever guns.

  5. 277Volt Avatar

    Use a .9mm and you got a deal.

  6. pew pew pew

    1. Do you mean “pu pu pu?”

  7. lolinski Avatar

    “Running zombies…C’mon that is bull****!”

    -Said/thought by every person in a movie with running zombies

  8. Sneak Promo Trailer?? Feel like I just watched the whole thing… interesting look though

  9. hydepark Avatar

    Suppressed M1A? I’m in.

  10. Do yourselves a favor and watch Sinners & Saints. Not a fan of Puzikas, but Johnny Strong is a good action star (played Randy Shughart in Blackhawk Down) as well as an awesome singer.

    Great flick.

  11. feartomorrow Avatar

    Lance Motherfucking Henriksen!!!! Hell yes!