Border Patrol Checkpoint – You’re Doing It Right

This is how it should go down:

constitutionI wonder what their “success” rate for finding illegal activity at those checkpoints is?  I’m glad I don’t have to deal with stuff like that every day.



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  1. Dan Shaller Avatar
    Dan Shaller

    So for me to make a comment I have to provide you with the same information that the assholes
    making this video refused to make. The purpose of these stops are that because of the close proximity to
    a foreign country, the border patrol MAKES RANDOM I QUARLES to determine if you have a legal
    right to enter this country. ILLEGAL ALIENS constantly cross the border and are picked up by friends
    to further enter the country. A simple answer is all that is requested from individuals, if you are a US citizen you should be proud to say that, then there is no confrontation and the Borders of the United States might be a little more secure. We need to be a little more flexible when people who are trying to
    keep the borders secure are politely asking a question. No one seems to have a problem with handing over Identification when it comes to flying, what’s the big deal with saying yes I am a citizen.
    Maybe in regards to those Borders that are in proximity to other countries it should be a requirement to show that you are a citizen and maybe it would help reduce the illegal aliens from getting benefits that they are not entitled to.

    1. Dale Smith Avatar
      Dale Smith

      Dan, do you live on the border? I’m betting not. Most folks I know don’t like the checkpoints, and they live down here. And they ask waaaay more than if you’re a citizen.

      1. Dan Shaller Avatar
        Dan Shaller

        Dale, I do not live down your way. I also didn’t realize that
        they get carried away with the questions. I do think that just
        a border stop to verify your residency is appropriate. I have been through
        The border checks in California and Canada.
        They just ask if everyone is a citizen and you’re back
        on your way. There has to be some way that the Border
        Patrol can do its job without infringement of the Constitution
        Maybe I had been in the military too long and am conditioned
        to gates or stops. They never bother me, just a guy doing his job
        to help ensure the safety of the base or in this case the country.

          1. 032125 Avatar


    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      “So for me to make a comment I have to provide you with the same information that the assholes
      making this video refused to make.”

      You wouldn’t want to visit the site if there was no entry of anything. There would be thousands of spam comments on each post.

      As far as checkpoints go, I don’t see why I should have to “prove” to someone over and over that I am not doing anything wrong. I’m not a fan of “guilty until proven innocent”.

  2. Dale Smith Avatar
    Dale Smith

    I live down on the Texas border and go through these all of the time. I’ll answer the, “Are you a US citizen,” question, but that’s it. It pisses me off when they ask where I’m going and where I’m coming from, which I answer with “that way” and “back there”. Just to fuck with them, I’ll throw my AR in the front seat when I go through. They don’t like that. Too bad it’s legal here and not within their scope of enforcement. I really don’t like being a dick to them; but I also don’t like waiting in line at checkpoints, having my windows peeked through, being asked questions that are none of their business, and being asked if they can search my truck without probable cause.

    1. Sadly, what people don’t understand — authority gets it’s powers from the people they serve, and you don’t need to answer 95% of the questions they ask.

      My favorites have always been– “Where are you headed tonight, sir?” or “Do you know how fast you were going?” or “Do you know why i pulled you over?”. NEVER admit to anything. You don’t have to tell them where you are going, where you were, or admit any wrong doing.

      The border patrol has a tough job. It’s hard to get results with your hands tied by the constitution (sarcasm).

      1. Dale Smith Avatar
        Dale Smith

        I honestly feel bad for most of those guys stuck on checkpoints. A lot of my friends are in the BP, as it’s one of the only good jobs if you want to stay in rural South Texas, and they hate being stuck on checkpoints. They’d much rather be out in the field huntin’, as they put it.

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      ahhaha “I’ll throw my AR in the front seat when I go through. “

      1. Dale Smith Avatar
        Dale Smith

        Yeah, I’m kind of an ass like that. But when you deal with checkpoints on an almost daily basis, it gets VERY old. And it gets REALLY old when there’s lots of traffic and long lines. And to make matters worse, it’s mainly where they dump the newbies and idiots that can’t be trusted out in the field.

  3. heavyfire7537 Avatar

    awesome video.

  4. This video wins the Internets today! That made my day! Finally, a proper encounter..albeit a spoof/parody, but still.

  5. nice

  6. Dracon1201 Avatar

    I feel like this is an April Fools joke. It was so unexpected, and look at the date on the camera. Whether the camera man was in on it or not is another thing entirely.

  7. Dan Shaller Avatar
    Dan Shaller

    I have seen over and over the very people complaining about
    police infringement of the Constitutional rights. But not one
    person asked the police officer if they may film or take pictures
    of their faces. You are breaking their constitutional rights by
    taking their photos without consent. It’s the pot calling the kettle black.
    Constitutional Rights go both ways.

    1. Dale Smith Avatar
      Dale Smith

      Dan, they have no right to privacy for two reasons.
      1. They are public servants and allowed to be video taped. All public servants are. This has been upheld many times in court.
      2. They are on a public roadway, therefore there is no expectation of privacy in a public place.
      So… double-whammy, no right to privacy.

      If you keep asking questions, you’re going to go down the rabbit hole my friend. And it’s scary the more you learn. And I’m not talking FEMA camp nut ball stuff.

    2. Absolutely incorrect. As a public/government employee doing public work, there is no assumption of the right to privacy. The (relatively) recent advent of ubiquitous cellphone and other compact cameras has led to more than a few altercations where an officer, who does not know the law, confiscates said camera, and/or arrests the owner.

      Which is, of course, illegal. Recent court cases have proven time and again, that it is perfectly legal to record- both video and audio- an officer, as long as doing so does not interfere with his or her duties. One ruling in just the last month or two led to the state (I can’t recall which) requiring each department to educate their officers on the legalities of the law, and what they are not allowed to do- IE, confiscate phones, search phones if the person has not been arrested (or, for that matter, without a warrant) let alone actually delete anything (which is, of course, tampering with or destruction of, evidence, which is just as illegal for a cop to do is it is for you or me) or really, to do anything to suggest that recording is illegal or disallowed.

      After all, most patrol officers are already required to have a dashboard camera and lapel microphone. Why should they get to record- and not let us have access to the tapes without an FOIA writ- and we can’t?

  8. Dan Shaller Avatar
    Dan Shaller

    What about the people like the two “high school” girls watching what
    was going on and some video hound films them asking if
    they know about the bill of rights clearly with out their prior consent.
    I have been in the military for 32yrs. you have no clue what
    has occurred and where. That rabbit hole doesn’t bother me
    any. I have done worse and seen the truth about what the media/Democrats
    keep trying to keep buried. So inconveniences like DUI stops
    immigration stops work. Why would anyone want wet backs
    entering this country and gain access to our benefits and not
    contribute anything to a free society?

    1. 032125 Avatar

      “Why would anyone want wet backs entering this country…”

      Way to blow every last shred of credibility out your ass, Dan. By the way, that tiresome line about “I’m military, you just couldn’t POSSIBLY understand…. I seen some shit” doesn’t cut it. You are not an army of one. Lots of us are ex military, you freakin bigoted goon. 32 years of sensitivity briefings didn’t make a dent in your thick skull, so I’ll presume not much lernin’ is goin’ on upstairs.

  9. Dan Shaller Avatar
    Dan Shaller

    I apologies for my “wet back” comment, it was out of line. They point is we do not need
    anymore illegals here. I do understand that I am not the only ex-military person nor am I
    the only one who has been shot, blown up and stabbed ( it was a bad day, joking) It took several years for those things to occur. I do take offense to being called names
    for which you don’t know me. I have a lot of friends from all walks
    of life and sexual orientation. I get pissed off when people only show parts
    of a Police officers job; mostly it is when they screw up.
    I am disappointed that you jump down my throat for one improper statement
    I thought you might be able to make conversation without judgements. Yes the Government is screwed up and our glorious self-serving leader is not a leader. Example; one does not give up control of the Internet that the USA so a conglomerate organization can censor what is transmitted.
    Second, when people fail to do the job they were hired for and then lie to Congress about what occurred,
    You fire their dumb as instead of allowing them to “resign” . And yes both those SEALS were friends of mine and the DELTA Force Marine that helped repellent the attackers I also knew. But it is late and my sensitivity training did get through my thick skull. As far as learning, I have a master in physics with a bachelor’s in ancient literature and for the military I was a Bio-chem warfare specialist.

  10. Dan Shaller Avatar
    Dan Shaller

    One last thing about public officials and their privacy,
    The president of the United States is a PUBLIC OFFICIAL
    why then can he miss use his position and be THE ONLY
    president to have his BIRTH, EDUCATION, RELIGIOUS BELIEFS,
    Why is it that every President of the past when visiting the Pope,
    Extends the recognition of office by kissing his RING; no matter
    if the said President was not Catholic. However, when meeting the
    the Muslim Brotherhood, pledging money he doesn’t have
    to help the cause in Syria. By the way, most of the WMD’s were
    sent over the Syria border while Hussein was alive. Yes I know shot
    that would baffle your mind; as it does most every night.
    I guess I am done. Forgive my typing because I tall to my computer
    I am still being repaired and don’t catch the automatic correct and
    sometimes it types things that I didn’t say clearly.
    Good night, no hard feelings Dale? Just a interesting spar of misunderstands
    and opinions.
    I will admit that having to go through a check point that is backed
    up would be frustrating. There has to be a better way of doing
    Border Checks without bogging down the “regular” drivers.
    Don’t they have an express highway for Trucks only going from
    Mexico to Arizona or New Mexico? They go through a building that scans the vehicle
    for everything and records all the information to be read by
    some computer whiz, establishing the contents, speed and bunch
    of other stuff which I cannot remember?
    Why not apply something similar to personal vehicles instead
    of Homeland Security buying more ammo than can use in twenty years
    while shorting other government agencies who sometimes
    by their own ammo to keep up their proficiency?

    1. Dale Smith Avatar
      Dale Smith

      No hard feelings at all. But in all honesty, in my opinion, you need to do some reading up on laws, constitutional rights, and what is legal.

      The point of the checkpoints is to catch drugs and illegals, which I’m all for. But once they get across the border, it’s easy to move them. There aren’t checkpoints on every road leaving the border area. Not even close. In my area, only 3 of the 7 roads that you can take north have checkpoints on them. So there are 4 separate routes that you can take to bypass any of the 3 checkpoints. Granted, I’m a local and know my way around, but it’s not a big secret of where these roads are. Anybody with a map can figure it out. It’s like anything the government does; they take a half measure and call it good, which turns it into a complete waste. If they put all of that wasted money and manpower into putting those guys on the border, it would work much better in my opinion.

      Like I’ve said, I actually live on the border in a rural area. We have very high illegal and drug trafficking where I live. Yet almost everybody down here hates the checkpoints. What does that tell you? I personally live about 10 miles out of town, so we see them on a regular basis, and call the BP all of the time. More folks on the border, to catch them before they get to my house, would be much better.

  11. Dan Shaller Avatar
    Dan Shaller

    I agree with you Dale, I and every American should be familiar with the constitution and the laws applied by it.
    What I don’t understand and what infuriates me is that when the illegals are caught, they are processed and then returned home even if they have committed a crime other than crossing the border illegally.
    How can a Nation secure it’s borders half assedly, That is like taking a military base put it in lock down except for the rear gate which uses a swipe card. It doesn’t work. I do understand that a majority of the illegals are peaceful and just want a better life, and there are ways to do that.
    But those who continue to break the laws of this country should be penalized, whether it be going back to the time old tradition of prison labor camps. I believe that our judicial system is so broken that prisoners have it better than a great many Americans that try to survive day to day.
    I know that there is a lot of territory to manage to keep people out. I have seen some of the walls that have been put up, it is not enough. I would have know problem with doing what we did in Korea,
    Put up fencing and install land mines with proper warning. And the “coyote leaders” well go back to old school and give them a quick trial, then hang them in a public area.
    I have the same feeling for Murders who are given life in prison
    and live better than a lot of our poor. I like the idea of those who have committed heinous crime be punished in a way that they took someone’s life.We need to send a message to those people who would enter this country illegally so the penalty is such that it would reduce their desire to try to crossover. Freeing up the BP to truly patrol the boundaries, getting the bad guys and placing them in jails so horrible that the will not want to be here. I know that this is a great wish, but instead of spending/giving away billions of dollars to countries that are not our allies; spend the money here and employee Americans. Giving them a chance to live the American dream.
    What do you think, am I too radical. I have heard about peaceful farmers needing to carry fire arms just to work in their yards or fields, in fear of losing their own lives.
    I do promise that I shall re-read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, both versions.
    The original one and the one that Political aholes have bastardized to suit their own needs.
    Dale, I am a American who believes in the Bible, tolerates people’s choices of living, as long as it doesn’t impede on my own rights and beliefs or that of other American Citizens.
    Have a good day sir.

  12. As a foreigner, does it means that US border police don’t have the legal authority to search for traffic offenses ?
    Ask to check you’re driving licence could justify the checkpoint.
    I don’t look for trouble, I wonder. This kind of mesure is no more efficient more than 10 minutes wathever you look for. I don’t approve them in wich countries they are.

  13. that had to be setup but awesome