Sarah Palin Will Have The Most Cliche Theme Song For Her Terrible TV Show

Did these guys make a short checklist up before they wrote this song?

0:19 – Talk about flying the flag… flag on wall not hung properly?  Correct me if I’m wrong but shouldn’t the union be on the flag’s own right?

Madison Rising huh?  BRB.. gotta feed my bald eagle, eat some bacon, and shoot myself a snack to deepfry, while I help Seal Team -34 gather intel to kill terrorists so dangerous you’ve never even heard of them.

garbage palin kidsSo apparently Sarah Palin’s show premieres April 3rd if anyone cares.  I’m sure it will be incredibly classy and not at all one big publicity stunt. My guess is she shoots guns, hunts, rides a dogsled, helps kids, and saves a bear caught in a trap all in episode #1.



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  1. God Bless ‘Murica! This song reminds me of this subreddit. –

  2. Regarding the flag – The position of honor is the top left. Whether displayed horizontally or vertically the field of stars goes in the upper left.

    That’s the reason for “reverse” flags – on something moving the field of stars leads forward, to simulate flying flags. The best example would be those tiny flags on an embassy car hood, if you look at the car from the right the flag appears reversed. So the reverse flags go on your right side. Wearing one on your chest is wrong, should be standard orientation unless done vertical.

  3. Hey it could be worse. It doesn’t look like it’s going to be another talking head show or “reality” TV.

  4. Why don’t you guys stick to chortling at derpy ‘tactical operator’ videos and Deagle brand Deagles, and leave people alone who are your allies in gun rights? Wisconsiners have been recovering their gun rights and property rights because of groups like Madison Rising popularizing the cause of liberty. Palin is a staunch advocate of gun rights, and continues to get people elected (like Ted Cruz of Texas, who said he “could not have been elected without her”) that battle for our gun rights.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      LOL how about I continue to blog about whatever I feel like? Palin is useless and will continue to do whatever it takes to stay in the spotlight. Guns have been a hot topic for a while, so her jumping on that bandwagon doesn’t surprise me at all. If she wasn’t half decent looking the country would have forgot about her a long time ago. You should check this video out – if you’re still skeptical. Is that a hunter / outdoors woman to you?

      As far as Madison Rising goes, good for them if they are doing well. Sounds run of the mill country to me.

      1. I stand with Mike on this one. And this video was horrific. But I also don’t really prefer Christian rock.

  5. At least they made sure to shoehorn two black dudes in to prove they aren’t racist.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha so true. The Asian population should be outraged they aren’t represented as well.

  6. Saw them live at some gun rally in Utah. It’s cool that they’re all pro gun and ‘Murica and shit. But, it was like watching James Yaeger play operator. They were just trying too hard to play rockstar.