Opening A Beer With A Shotgun

Taofledermaus opened a beer with an SKS a few days ago, now in this video he tries the same with a shotgun:

Yea as you can see the shotgun didn’t work :/ I don’t recall him saying if he used shot or slugs, but I wonder if one would work better over the other?  Taofledermaus I know you stop by and comment here… let us know!

Costco-Kirkland-Rile-Ammo-Bulk-PackSpeaking of beer, I haven’t had one in a while but I have a few dozen on hand.  All I seem to drink is homemade iced tea now.



3 responses to “Opening A Beer With A Shotgun”

  1. I don’t think it’s the muzzle blast, I think it is the actual bullet catching the corner of the cap. That’s probably why the shotgun didn’t work. If he’s using actual shot (the recoil looks like a light field load), the plastic wadding is not going to dig in and grip the cap as well as the copper jacket of the 7.62.

    I could be entirely wrong. I’m just going by theory here. I’d actually like to see another gun video person on Youtube do this again with a real high speed camera (20,000-30,000 frames/sec) to see what really happens.

    1. I agree that some trollers need to get their hands on one of these phantom cameras that cost over 100k dollars.

      Maybe ENDO-MIKE could underwrite this experiment.

      Sorry brah, the channels with the good ideas dont make enough youtube money.

  2. Taofledermaus Avatar

    The first shot we tried birdshot. The second was a wax slug. I didn’t want to use anything like a deer slug because the shooter was basically handling the shotgun with just his trigger hand and we didn’t want the shotgun flipping up from the recoil and hitting him in the head, etc.

    We didn’t just dive into this and had to take baby-steps until we found the sweet-spot- the ideal placement and angle to hold the bottle.

    It doesn’t take a LOT of force to pop a cap off with an opener. The muzzle blast from a shotgun or rifle is thousands of PSI. I’m sure if I used a pressure-washer, the same thing could be done.

    Jake, if I had a HS camera that could film at those speeds, I would not be wasting my time making YT videos with it. I would not even RISK damaging a $100k to 400 Phantom filming the stuff we film. You over-estimate how much money I make off Youtube.