Silly Sludge AK-47 Trollture Test

Mattv2099 with more trollfessional sciencing:


OOoooh Yea Dr. Wacko’s PhD is in trolling, so Matt and him get along well.  I feel sorry for Matt’s assistants who have to clean those guns.

Matt… I just thought of an idea:  SILLY PUTTY trollture tests!  Glock and AK versions… GO!



2 responses to “Silly Sludge AK-47 Trollture Test”

  1. Be careful with silly putty! It is shear thickening. Meaning the harder you push on it, the more it behaves like a solid. And there’s your rheology lesson for the day

    1. Gahh!!!! Science on spring break!

      I gotta teach on Monday, but you go and ruin the rest of my vaca…