Ballers Gonna Ball Shooters Gonna Shoot

Playas gonna play, all at the Frisco, TX luxury shooting range:



“One of the differences from your typical gun range is when you walk in this building, is it feels a little more like walking into a high-end department store,” said Brandon Johnson, the club’s vice president of marketing.

Annual memberships vary from $200 to $800 based on benefits and any monthly dues. The most elite facilities, like Frisco and Centennial, also offer VIP packages with one-time initiation costs of $7,500 and $9,250, respectively, and monthly dues of $200.

“I wouldn’t say really glamour,” he said. “It’s just trying to put together a cleaner, more professional image than what has been the normal range, retail layout.”  Concrete floors and polished metal decor give Lock & Load Miami a nightclub feel.

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As long as deep V necks, and Von Dutch hats are outlawed, you know… for safety reasons!  ;)

I cringe every time I see or hear “Gun Culture 2.0” used.  Definitely a term made up by some old guy trying to be “hip like the youngsters”.

The Frisco Gun Club has a website you can check out to see if you can hang.

Thoughts?  Anyone ever been there?

Hat tip: Taylor the GF


6 responses to “Ballers Gonna Ball Shooters Gonna Shoot”

  1. This place looks gay as shit to me. Their range rules are for vaginas. Their gunsmith wants 25/50 dollars to install a FCG in an AR…the price difference depends on the brand LOL. 30 bucks to clean a firearm. Ohh it’s a rifle? Then 45. Also, 50 dollars for a FFL transfer? And wouldn’t you just know that they would be prominantly displaying H&K.

    This place has, “bitchboy” written all over it. Peeps be eatin’ their eggs benedict while sippin frappes’ while looking down their noses at my, “regular shooter” ass. They probably hand out Grey Poupon at the front door. xD

    Hell, I could make money standing outside their doors offering services for less LOL. Oh you want to rent a CZ or XDm? You been wanting to try out one of them P226’s huh? I’ll let you use mine for the hour, 50% off. Ohh your rifle has 200 round through it and you want to pay 45 dollars inside for them to clean it in about 5 minutes? Follow me to my car and I’ll have that ready to go in a jiffy. I could be like a gun hooker LOL

    I’m just kiddin’ about snaking business from them…or am I? xD

    I would want to go in their maybe once to point and laugh at the hoitie-toities tryin’ to be all sophisticated. “Yes Chef Ramses is making us some Filet Mignon with a nice sparkling grapejuice then we can rent a H&K and slow-fire our way to shooter orgasm!” Ohh hell XD

    OK OK I’m done clowning LOL

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      LOL amazing comment. I think your business plan is solid, and I’d like to subscribe to your newsletter and get in on the ground floor. ;)

  2. Taylor the GF?

    That’s all I got from this article.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha maybe I’ll post some pics on Instagram someday.

  3. CR Pyro Avatar

    Bear in mind, this is Frisco, a far North Dallas suburb (read: rich-bitch, hoity-toity, I’m Better Than You(R)) where those kind of prices are not that bad. For the people in that town, this will be a good range. If they weren’t charging by the damn hour for range time and it wasn’t so far from me, I’d probably go to have a place to chill and read while my girlfriend is on the range and vice-versa.

  4. I’ve been to the range, I was very unimpressed. It was pretty unorganized in terms of where to go. They kind of just point you in the general direction of the shooting range. As the other guy mentioned, it’s HK all day every day. When I went there, the rentals consisted of HK, HK, HK, HK, HK, one Glock, HK, HK, HK, HK, two XDMs, HK, HK, HK.

    They charge you for eye and ear pro too.