How Readers Of One Gun Blog See Readers Of Another

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while:

Readers-Of-One-Gun-Blog-See-AnotherLOL We all have our niches and the stereotypes that surround them.

It’s good to see gun blogging flourishing like it is. The Firearm Blog is a true OG in the gun blog game. The way the original owner Steve ran that site years ago partially inspired me to start ENDO in 2008. The Truth About Guns, although newer (est. 2010) as a whole is a beast, and definitely in it for the long run… that is unless the owner Robert Farago gets made an offer he can’t refuse by the mainstream media, and takes it because the lure of twelve more Ferraris, matching gold 1911s, Saddam’s AK-47, and more oceanfront property is too strong. ;) Keep up the good work guys.

I know saying this is probably redundant because you guys follow those blogs already too, but if not make sure to hit the links above to check them out.


32 responses to “How Readers Of One Gun Blog See Readers Of Another”

  1. I have a hard time reading through TTAG most of the time. Far too much drum beating over there. The comments are even worse. You could copy + paste all comments from one article into another and they would read exactly the same. I like this site and TFB because its less political agenda and more guns and fun.

    1. ENDO and TFB are my only two bookmarks. TTAG just didn’t do it for me.

    2. no politics on this blog? what alternate universe do you live in?

      1. TheBear Avatar

        Compared to TTAG, CNN comments are only barely political.

  2. Jim Jones Avatar
    Jim Jones

    ENDO is where I come for firearm fun. TFB is where I go to read about guns. TTAG is where I go to see if anything firearms related has been published in the last 20 minutes. is where I go if I want to read an insightful take on current firearm issues. Truth be told, the majority of us probably visit most of those sites on a regular basis.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I didn’t realize PAgunblog used to be snowflakes in hell. I used to visit that site back when it was all blue in color hah.

  3. dgdimick Avatar

    ENDO-Mike, put on a damn shirt. It hurts my eyes!

    I only read ENDO, no one else will put up with my shit.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha my mom hasn’t done the laundry, so all I have are those tightywhities ;)

      1. dgdimick Avatar

        I just threw up in my mouth.

  4. Guns are fun and this website is fun. I do read some stories on TFB when they pop up on my facebook but the majority of the times I see anything they post I’ve already heard/read about it elsewhere. The way I see it is; Firearms are fun 99% of the time, sometimes you gotta get super cereal though (defense, safety, etc), so ENDO gets 99% of my traffic, and TFB gets 1%, and TTAG just makes my fuckin head hurt.
    And also, if I rambled nonsense on one of those other pages some illiterate dick would pop out of no where being a nazi asshat, that doesn’t really happen here, which is super duper.

  5. And is that a hose nozzle hanging on the wall of the 2nd picture down to the left? Those are deadly

  6. Agitator Avatar

    Here, Vuurwapen, TFB, Loose Rounds all solid in my book. TTAG is mostly written by, and for, a bag of dicks.

    1. Is that like a plastic bag and they’re all mushing together like chicken parts, or is it like a paper bag and they’re stickin’ out like baguettes?

  7. lolinski Avatar

    This is so true, especially the last one (looking at you TFB).

  8. Werewolf1021 Avatar

    What if we read all three?

    *duck and cover*

  9. EPIC!!!!!

    Just posted this up over at TFB with a big fat link back here.

    Thanks for the inspiration for our “Weekend Funnies”!

    1. As I was. It will be up on Monday. Can’t shortcut our posting system this late in the week.


      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        Haha sounds good Nathan! Keep up the great work over there.

  10. Smooth Operator Avatar
    Smooth Operator

    The humor here is spot on and the comments keep me checking back, although I am tired of you jerking of matv2099 and posting almost every single one of his videos. Don’t get me wrong, some of his stuff is great but it has become repetitive and I feel I really have to dumb myself down to keep myself entertained with his current content.

    TFB is my go to for legitimate info and a real world perspective of what’s going on.

    Although I respect TTAG and the quality of their posts I hardly go there as I find the contents of minimal relevance to my personal interests.

    When I’m drinking before 10 am I spend time on /k/. Unfortunately for myself and certain others thats prime time for other half of the world lacking the freedom to own guns to shit post about nonsense. That place has gone to hell in the last couple years, there used to be a lot of awesome and quality stuff going on there.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Thanks! I think with a lot of the posts it’s the “win some you lose some” type idea. I often know when a post or video I’m putting up isn’t going to have people LOL’ing for hours and sharing it with all their friends. Although, some of posts that I thought would have not got any traction, ended up being some of the most popular so who knows haha. Sometimes I put a lot of effort into certain posts and they barely get any attention in the comments or with traffic.

      1. Smooth Operator Avatar
        Smooth Operator

        In my eyes that is what makes this blog a success. If every video you posted was one you presumed as certain to be successful this would be the Mike’s Bookmarks Video Blog. The fact that you publish posts which you think may suck, and more importantly acknowledge that sometimes they do take off despite your personal thoughts is the right attitude to have; which is what allows this blog prosper. Props to you for posting videos contributed by users and responding to our feedback. This is a special kind of place.

        1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

          I appreciate that, thanks a lot. It’s nice guys like you stop by to read and comment!

  11. pointblank4445 Avatar

    Pretty much what I’ve learned….

    ENDO: Updating the same 4 or 5 youtube channels
    TFB: Poaching other articles from around the net and putting them on one sight
    TTAG: Fear mongering, “OMG, look at these stupid liberals”, and Pop-up ads galore!

    The others…
    Soldier Systems Daily: Bitching about camo, cool military shit that only our army could buy (but won’t)
    Jerking the Trigger: Break out your credit card, MOFO
    Military Times Gearscout: Shit you saw on “Jerking the Trigger” 2 weeks ago

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      I’ve never seen a popup add on TTAG when I’ve clicked through, but I have seen people complaining about them in their comments. Maybe they’re using something other than chrome? I don’t have any type of adblock thing running either. haha @ your other site summaries.

      1. Yeah they’re REALLY bad with ABP disabled. I use ABP on desktop, and on my phone (Firefox 4 Android.

        TTAG’s ads are really, really bad on mobile devices. I’ve even received popups to install apps and other malware shit. RF and others refuse to do anything about their ad providers.

        1. I write there, and the ads embarrass me. Specifically, the malicious ones with redirects and shit. I’ve said so, more than once. I won’t send a link to the site to anyone that I don’t *know* has an adblocker.

      2. dgdimick Avatar

        I’m not seeing ads at TTAG . I’m using Firefox, Ad Block Plus, and Ghostey.

  12. John F. Avatar

    Jeez. Lots of TTAG hate. Keep it classy fellas.

    TTAG, Endo and TFB are the first three gun sites that I open. They’re all good.

  13. All good sites. TTAG is tough at times to take serious. is my go to.

  14. So TFB sees themselves as Canadians?

  15. Visible nips..that’s what ENDO brings.

    not that anyone wanted that..but there you go.

  16. some_guy Avatar

    I read all 3 lol