Aaargo Jay’s Massive Giveaway

Our guy Aaargo Jay is running a huge giveaway on YouTube, make sure to check it out:

He’s at almost 9K subs deep on YouTube, and his Instagram game is tight at ~2k… he wants to thank you for the support.

How To Enter:
1. Be currently subscribed to his channel
2. Comment your YouTube user name in the comment section of the video
3. Make sure your YouTube Channel is open and not private

AaargoJay-ENDORight on… very easy to enter too.

Jay is wearing the 7.62x39mm t-shirt from ENDO Apparel in the video.  Luxury operating equipment.


2 responses to “Aaargo Jay’s Massive Giveaway”

  1. ballisticsbill Avatar

    Sick Sick Sick
    Liam Dillon

  2. Mike Salmon Avatar
    Mike Salmon

    Aaargo Jay – I am a 54 white male living in the south. There are rebel flags flying in prejudiced people’s yards not 10 minutes from here. I just stumbled into your video of “Why I need an Ar15”. I have never heard it put more strongly and believable. You are a TRUE American! I have no other info on who you are but I Thank God there are Americans like you still in this land. Thank you for your inspiring story. You ARE THE MAN!!!!!