Gunshine State Girls Shoot Some Guns

Fireman1291 has them over:

Gunshine-State-Girlshahah that AR-15 dust cover at the very beginning is great.  In my mind it’s tied for the Team American “Surprise Cockfags!” dust cover I’ve seen around.

His guns all make a distinct “pew” noise after every shot.  Must be the mic, but I like it.

Would operate with? Naturally these girls have a Facebook page if you want to make an informed decision.


9 responses to “Gunshine State Girls Shoot Some Guns”

  1. Never thought the hot girls shooting hot guns while looking hot was all that hot.

    Now women’s biathlon? That hot.

    1. I agree. I just watch porn and gun vids separate. I don’t wanna mix the two… Don’t get any ideas MattV.

  2. Best dust cover ever !!!

  3. The “pew” sounds like an echo off a corrugated surface, kinda like the Mayan pyramid chirp thing:

  4. Forever Pew Pewing back tats all around. Let’s get the kickstarter machine brewing.

  5. Taofledermaus Avatar

    Does my gun make my butt look big?

  6. TheBear Avatar


    Youtube has a ton of girls with guns vids. I watched this vid but it’s kinda been done.

  7. Critter Avatar

    is it wrong that i want to spank the brunette with the nice arse?

    1. TheBear Avatar

      You talking about the only one with the busted face? Definitely not wrong.

      Personally I like the blond best since she seems to have the most proficiency with firearms but the redhead has this trailer park/meth glamour to her that is super sexy right up until she probably steals your stuff.