Gun Related Lower Back Tattoo Idea – Infinite Ammo

I’m thinking of getting this tattooed on my lower back:

ShakespeareOperatorI think it would nicely compliment my multicam playboy bunny ankle tattoo.

Anyone have any thoughts?


16 responses to “Gun Related Lower Back Tattoo Idea – Infinite Ammo”

  1. Molon Labe

  2. Seems more appropriate to have the tattoo placed in the “tramp stamp” area.

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Thats what I was referring to! :P

  3. When guys get tattoo’s on their lower back I wonder who they gonna have reading it, I mean I know it’s the new bromance age and everything is cool but I’m not cut out for that myself. I might have the Forever PewPewing tattooed on my Johnson but at my age it might be more like PePeeing Forever 15 minutes. Don’t take me wrong I’m just for everyone being happy, well excepting them Glocksuckers but I’m trying, I’m really trying.

    1. Glocksuckers? We like guns that go bang. Light weight, high cap. Yes…theres sexier more fun to shoot pistols but not as rugged and reliable.

  4. Maybe add “dicky seamus” below it?

    1. Phrasing!

    2. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Good call!

  5. She’s a girl (and a pretty one), Crunkle. It doesn’t take long to click a link before you comment. Try it. As for the tat, I have to give it a thumbs-down, though. Besides the fact I don’t like that over-used tat location, the bullets and their figure 8 bother me. Forever pew-pewing is pretty funny, though. Just glad to see more young ladies into firearms.

    1. jim bob Avatar

      i thought it was supposed to be some sort of a heart, not a figure 8. maybe its a Rorschach (or Arnold Horshack) drawing and you see what you want to.

      either way, i’d probably stick it in her. i dig cholas.

    2. Well Doc, thanks for reading my comment. I was referring to Endo’s comment but I will take your advice seriously since you are a Doc. Wait a minute,…..what kind of Doc are you anyway? Can you help me with my problems? My ObamaCares card comes in any day now.

  6. derpmaster Avatar

    Although I generally abhor tattoos and tattoo culture, I would totally date a cute girl with a “forever pew pewing” tramp stamp. Dickey/seamus on the shoulder would also be acceptable.

  7. hydepark Avatar

    Mike, I would rather see you with this on your back than those hideous rags over on milcentric. LOL

    And yeah, that’s a badass drawing I’m sorry to admit.

  8. dgdimick Avatar

    I think the quality of the drawing is lacking – you can take the idea and “fix” it, making it into something worthy of showing when you bend down, and your t-shirt rides up just enough to show the art.

  9. 277Volt Avatar

    Gotta be a way to work the phrase “mag dump” into a cool tramp stamp.

  10. Taofledermaus Avatar

    If only a unicorn was shooting it…