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  • Confronting The Wolf With Bad Tattoos

    Holy, this is an atrocity: View this post on Instagram A post shared by ENDO (@everydaynodaysoff) 😂😫 It’s too bad that radio couldn’t be used to call in that crime he did to his own body.

  • Are Bruthers Ok? Tattoo Edition

    I’ve been asking the question “Are bruthers Ok?” a lot lately… View this post on Instagram A post shared by ENDO (@everydaynodaysoff) I don’t know guys.. literally TWO PEOPLE thought this was a good idea to have on them for the rest of their entire lives.  Good for them though. Thoughts?

  • Brand Dedication And The Full Back Gun Tattoo

    Yooooooooooo: View this post on Instagram Yooooo @aero_precision @shockwavetechnologies @magpul 👀 this bruther is VERY dedicated. 📷@brycemoodieart A post shared by ENDO (@everydaynodaysoff) on Apr 30, 2019 at 4:47pm PDT That’s intense.  Interesting how he decided not to go the SBR route, opting instead for the Shockwave Industries brace. I’m so glad I’m not a…

  • Old Man With AR-15 Tattoo Eyebrows

    Oh man this is wild: Bold move.  I made a comment on Instagram about how I was surprised he didn’t get 1911 eyebrows instead (low hanging 1911-is-for-old-men joke naturally).  Someone in the comments mentioned that he was old enough to be in Vietnam, so it’s a period correct rifle. Thoughts?

  • Sheepdog Fan Fiction – SPF Sun And Sheepdog Protection Factor

    I wrote another one of these yesterday and tossed it up on IG. People seemed to like it: “WOOOOOOOO IT’S 5:11 SOMEWHERE amirite!?” said Will yelled just before he used his finger as a fulcrum for his punisher logo keychain, breaching a hole in the bottom of a cold can of Monster Energy Assault. Opening…

  • Guy Gets Wilson Combat Arm Tattoo

    Dudes are cooking this man on the timeline: You can check out the post comments here.   Wow in my opinion that’s huge and positioned very out in the open for such a tattoo (quite unlike the small tasteful Hi-Point silhouette tattoo I have on my left ass cheek). Remember the ironically crooked GLOCK PERFECTION tattoo?…