Jay Gibson Is Mad At Keyboard Commandos

haha he mad he mad he mad:

I love shit like that.  I knew exactly where the “talk” was going after about 30 seconds into it.  Jay is qualified to tell us what to do because he served in the USMC from ’85 to ’94, and is still a contractor.  A real operator who has, and continues to operate in operations.

Camron-Bill-Oreilly-U-MadBasically I can sum my response up with “Cool story Jay… go stand in front of the line of fire to take pictures, follow your boss’ lead and talk about how you’re going to start killing people, get training by Sonny Shoothouse Puzikas, get skulls and sketchy saying engraved all over your carry gun… and on and on.  Do it.  It doesn’t affect me one bit.”



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  1. Well…..okay then…..

  2. Haha. First, he makes a comment about people being concerned how Buck Yeager videos affect gun owners and might lead to permit loss. Well, Buck lost his for at least a time… And seems himself to admit that his rant was way overboard, right?

    Second, I don’t know what top tier operators do. But I am aware that some advanced training for LE (and most definitely similar training for military folks) and the like involve shooting with folks down range, but not photographers needlessly down range. Plus, these advanced courses are training folks that already have years of firearm training, not potential amateurs that Buck has at his courses. Finally, if we are all dumb for worrying about his photographers because others are doing similar stuff, why don’t we hear about those similar situations?

  3. some_guy Avatar

    Wow, he sounds like a butthurt teenager who just got trolled for the first time.

  4. Regulus Avatar

    Guys got a huge cow lick.

    1. jim bob Avatar

      Tactical Alfalfa

  5. pointblank4445 Avatar

    So others can save 4+ minutes of time/bandwith, allow me to sum up….

    “Here’s my internet video saying fuck you, internet and fuck your comments…let me know what you think.”

  6. I wonder what his USMC instructors would feel about putting photographers down range.

  7. Don’t feed the trolls.

  8. hydepark Avatar

    So now the crybaby bitch coward Yeager has this dude fighting his battles? *starts slow clap*

    1. Dude. You can’t call Buck a coward. You’re gonna have a duel contract show up at your door. The number of people who ever called Buck a coward and lived to tell about it are the same number that ever called Peter Griffin a “fizzle” and got away with it. One of them was Chuck Norris if that tells you anything.

  9. dgdimick Avatar

    So his whole “claim-to-fame” is he was in the Marines? I was also, and it sure didn’t make me “un-stupid”

    Go take a shower and clean your ass up before we do it with some Wisk.

  10. Where can i get one of those “Tactical Response” sweatshirts? Do I get one after I sign the dueling contract, or are they available on amazon or something?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      haha yea I think you can also do hundreds of hours of down range photography then they issue you one.

      1. http://www.tacticalresponsegear.com/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=9904&osCsid=3h180egb343jjimc5345j9k9s7 – $35 bucks and I can now tactically scare everyone that comes in contact with me.

  11. Video made private in 3..2..1…

  12. I’ve deployed in combat and also been through very good LE training and served as a federal LE firearms instructor. Putting a guy downrange can be valid for training based on a clearly articulated training purpose, with some risk planning, and with some well thought controls. Hey, in Army basic you bound with another soldier firing at a target while the other guy leapfrogs ahead (in front of your muzzle). Doing it in a beginner pistol class “just because” or “it’s badass” is just dumb. Why would they even care WTF some people say online? It justifies the criticism.

  13. After deep thought and thorough lubrication I think I have this figured out. When I was a kid me and my friends spent all the days we could outside seeing what kind of shit we could get into, yes pre video game, pre decent tv ages. Most of the time we would find something dangerous on a construction site and dare each other to do it, like walking a thin blank over a deep ditch, or climbing to the top of something shaky, the more dangerous the better. You never wanted to be the one who wouldn’t do it, the guys who would do the craziest stuff were to be looked up to, the guy that let you shoot the can off his head with the bb gun was the hero.

    I think this camera guy downrange is just a grown up version.

  14. Gay Jibson Avatar
    Gay Jibson

    Come on guys, the whole down range photographer thing is the only reason anyone knows my name. I mean, have you Googled me?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      LOL “Gay Jibson”, he will star along side Buck Angel playing Buck Yeager in the Tactical Response parody someday when I win the lottery.

  15. You guys Avatar
    You guys

    are the butthurt ones, it seems.

    1. dgdimick Avatar