Tactical Reloads Are Tactical

Travis Haley kicks the truth:

Good video for operators and aspiring operators.  Travis also talks about the classic “search & assess” which people do because they see guys like him doing it… but most don’t do it properly like he does, for the reasons he does.  I see such slow over exaggerated search and assessing in youtube videos, it’s hilarious.

travis-haley-magpul-dynamics-CEOI’ve seen video of Travis’ personal gun room a few times.  He’s got like 60 AR-15s in various configurations.  I see stuff like that, and am like “WANT” but in reality I’d probably just do like I do with watches, shoes etc… and just use the best / newest few all the time.  I found I was doing that with guns too, which is why I don’t own very many (or any at all since that tragic boating accident, depending on whose asking ;) ).

I wonder if Travis always rocks the clear lenses, or if that’s just for video to make it more personal.  I bet he switches in operator style black lenses when the camera is off.

P.S. – Your skin looks great Travis.  What type of product do you use?  Oh wait, I already know that.



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  1. Dude could use some cardio, getting winded talking. Just saying. But, then so could I- it’s been a long winter.

  2. dogxhead Avatar

    haha! “your skin loo s great Travis. Definitely would fit…”

  3. Jim Jones Avatar
    Jim Jones

    That’s actually a really interesting video. I was always wondering why the hell people would to the stupid “search & assess” in a very mechanical way. Now I understand what it’s for, and I agree with Travis. People are doing it wrong.

  4. We usually do a slow search and assess, but it’s only because we’re drunk.

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    2. No truer words have been written. thumbs!

  5. It is a very rare occurrence that I actually feel a little bit smarter after watching a video on ENDO. Good job!

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Way to ruin my day Chase! ;) hehe jk

  6. Link to Travis’ personal collection?

    1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

      Huch linked a pic below!

    1. Wait are we not tactically boycotting Recoil anymore?

      1. ENDO-Mike Avatar

        I still am, along with Cheaper Than Dirt of course. Everyone else forgets though like 2 weeks after haha. I’m not going to delete comments containing their links though.

    2. wow thanks

  7. 3:49 or in my case, between my bicep and gut.

    Good information from Haley, as usual. Armchair operators are either obnoxiously fanboyish or obnoxiously anti-fanboyish with Haley and Costa. I can’t figure out why, beyond Magpul’s overly dramatic editing, but that doesn’t add or remove a scintilla of validity to the actual materials taught.

  8. Why do high-speed operators like Travis use the double chicken wing while grabbing an offset bicycle handlebar move to demo AR moves? He doesn’t shoot his AR that way.

  9. Gotta love Haley.

  10. I have the utmost respect for Haley and his ability but most watching these videos are not going into combat squad operations. Getting the BG down and out of the fight is great but counting him out of the fight too soon is a very bad thing especially for a civilian DGU, it’s a cardinal rule in Police training and should be in Citizen training to not relax too soon, that means either thinking everything is over or in this case assuming this one guy in front is down for the count and is no longer a threat. Many officers have lost their lives for this very reason. So instead of doing the reload and the look around maybe the first thing to do is get behind cover if you’re not already. If you are already behind cover you have more options and time. I do think the look around and assess is overblown for CDGU because if the BG you are engaging has associates flanking or behind you the chances are low that they will rain fire down on you while you are doing their homie. Not saying you shouldn’t check the area assess and all that just that too much is put into that aspect at the expensive of more important things. Let’s be real, if you take on two people with weapons and intent to kill you it’s gonna take some luck along with tactics to survive that, and if it’s 4 guys who have you flanked and you don’t know are there until the balloon goes up…..well you better hope they can’t shoot and there’s and angel on your shoulder. It’s a long winded way of saying if you are not training to work with a squad, if you are an individual CCL holder or whatever, maybe you should put most of your time honing those skills that will win the confrontation that is most likely, not saying we can ever predict. Unfortunately there are some situations we are going to lose no matter how good we can do drills.

    I also know from being in the business that you have to keep adding to your curriculum to keep something fresh that the other trainers don’t do to stay ahead of the pack. And I am not referring to Mr. Haley, he is one of the few that has real credentials and real life experience although it is more military oriented. I’ve always been a believer in getting all the training you can from good people and use the parts that will work for you. That is exactly why our Special guys go to about every shooting school in the country.