What War Does To Kids

A “Second a day” video compilation:

Just because it isn’t happening here, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

So as you can see little miss silver spoon decided to sulk about shit getting REAL, rather than loading up some mags, grabbing her rifle and doing something about the situation.  *smh* kids these days.

I-Declare-War-TrailerIn all seriousness, It’s really sad to think how war totally ruins the carefree childhood every kid should have. It’s not like kids (and adults most often too) can just pack up their stuff and move to a safer place.

The video is from a organization called Save The Children. They promise that 89% of all donated money goes to actual programs to help the kids, so I like that idea.



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  1. Heavy-handed, pandering, feel bad bullshit.


    1. This.


      When you see pampered twats like this one in the news, some of the poor entitled dears *should* be dropped into war zones so they can appreciate just how good they have it: http://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-echochambers-26441941

    2. Porterhaus Avatar

      Yeah. These anti-war hippies saying that we shouldn’t be invading countries and going to war with the indigenous population are ruining everything!
      Don’t be a numbskull, bro, this isn’t just straight up “think of the children”, this is a side of war that people conveniently seem to neglect. Syria is fucked and while this is a tad heavy handed advertising, it’s not really “bullshit”.

      1. Jeez, what a tool. “Bullshit” is exactly what it is.
        Notice that that isn’t a Russian or Iranian kid.
        This is the same mentality that ran “antiwar” demonstrations and “antinuke” protests all over the nonSobvbloc world in the 1960-1990’s… and never never ONCE suggested that any nation other than OURS disarm.
        Go protest out front of the Russian embassy, you’re so interested in nations not invading indigenous people.

        1. Porterhaus Avatar

          I would protest Russia, but I’m not a Russian.
          They’d just stab me, too.

  2. Goddamn bush….

  3. dogxhead Avatar

    Good video. It’s the truth, poor little shits are all too often the victim of adults who fight over stupid shit.

  4. CR Pyro Avatar

    Let’s see, that looked like London in the background at 0:58, with British accented voices…is that Evey Hammond in her early years?

  5. indeed…the chillens

  6. Jim Jones Avatar
    Jim Jones

    Pansy Europeans. My daughter would strap on her AR and start mowing fools down. Because ‘Merica!

    1. lolinski Avatar

      Not a little arrogant are you and what right do you have to deny your daughter a normal childhood (by “mowing down fools”)?

  7. All that hate’s gonna burn you up, kid…

    Nah, it keeps me warm.

  8. Great entry. It’s why I come back to this blog more than any other gun blog – you mix it up and come at us from different angles. I don’t always have to agree – just don’t bore me.

  9. Thoughts? I laughed my ass off after the video when I took a good look at this image right next to it:

  10. In all of my wartime experiences, the most gut-wrenching thing is being around the kids. Be they refugees, bystanders, combatants or just background scenery, it has never been easy to see them in their natural state.

    I see a lot of false bravado going around in here on a regular basis. I get it that we should train our kids to a certain extent, but I could never forgive myself for putting a young child of my own genetic design into a warzone. I mean, it may happen. They may have to fight alongside me.. But I’d never forgive myself for it.

    Justified or not, war is a disgusting event.