Magnetic Magazine Pouches For Operators

Tactical Tunes x Vigilant Spectre:

Those are TACTICAL AS _ _ _ _.

ICP-MagnetsOperators be like “BUT BUT it will magnetize my gun and cause it to malfunction because of tiny metal filings stuck to the internals!”  Valid concern?  I doubt those magnets have the strength to do anything crazy, but I also only have my Bachelors in Magnet Science, not my PhD.

Available over at Tactical Assault Gear “The Operators Choice” <— LOL it actually says that.  Priced from $28 to $50 depending on how many pouches you want.




7 responses to “Magnetic Magazine Pouches For Operators”

  1. In addition to magnetizing my gun, I’d be concerned it’d f**k up any compass I’d take with me…
    Not to mention that I’d appear like a Christmas tree on radars, wouldn’t I?

  2. I’ll admit it… I was chuckling when I watched it.

  3. jim bob Avatar

    I think when they say “operators choice”, they mean the ones who connect your phone calls, not real operators like two buck Chuck Yeager.

    1. HA HA HA HA !!!! Dead on !

  4. Hunter57dor Avatar

    Now introducing! Mag pouches that fuck up all your mission critical equipment!

    now including: compasses, radios, laptops, cell phones, and so much more!

    stick it to your buddies vest as a prank!

    stick it to your bosses smart phone!

    stick magazines on your fridge!

    the possibilities are endless! call now!

  5. dgdimick Avatar

    Mall Ninjas