Moms Against Everything

Nonsense in America.  A great Moms Demand Action facebook troll page:




Moms-Against-EverythingMake sure to check out more of the funny Moms Against Everything pics, and pass them around.  I’d like to say I was surprised that there are many comments on that page from people that don’t “get” that it’s a parody.

Thoughts?  Ban EVERYTHING?

Hat tip: Dawud


9 responses to “Moms Against Everything”

  1. Mouhahahaha !!! Perfect !

  2. I really really want an M45D now.

    1. Ejecting shells that take out SR-71s? Sign me up!

    2. I’m not into shotguns, that much, but I want one, also, but only if it comes with one of those “up and down thingy’s” that makes the weapon go up and down by itself.

  3. Visit us at LOL

  4. That page is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. And it’s astonishing how many people don’t get that it’s satire.

  5. dgdimick Avatar

    They don’t get that it’s satire, because all these whack jobs normally sound like this.

    They are funny

  6. Ah, the French. Nuff said. Too funny! Go USS Nimitz!

  7. ConfusedVeteran Avatar

    Holy shit, there you guys are… I thought for a second I may be the only mom out there that can still take a joke. What a clown world we live in.. What the fuck happened?! I was gone for just a few seconds, or maybe year and some change, and I come back to this shit show of American crybabies. Where’d our backbone go? Did we just, forget that the government is corrupt as fuck or what? Ha! This page.. I thought for a second the automatic gun thing was a legit post by some suburban moms out there. Thanks for bringing out the idiocracy that is plaguing our country. I just hope some dingbat doesn’t read some of this shit and believe it. Glad you moms have a good sense of humor and can’t be mindfucked. Good day to you all!